What’s to like about Gregory Baltoro 75 Backpack:

  • Innovative A3 Response suspension system
  • Sturdy Wishbone aluminum frame
  • A breathable, 3D foam back panel
  • Durable, dual-layer bottom panel
  • Included Sidekick Daypack
  • A handy sidewinder bottle holster
  • Full-body U-shape main opening
  • YKK AquaGuard zippers

If you want to conquer the highest peaks and explore new trails, a dependable backpack should be the first thing on your shopping list. Yet, packs for hiking and mountaineering come in various shapes and sizes, making it tricky to choose the best.

On the other hand, some brands and products have stood the test of time, and they present a safe bet to any aspiring explorer. For instance, the feature-rich Gregory Baltoro 75 Backpack ticks every box for being among the best backpacking packs in 2022.

So, if you want to learn more, let’s check it out.


Founded in 1977, Gregory has been around for more than four decades, growing into a global brand available in 40 countries. The company’s headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah, an ideal place for nature lovers and anyone interested in outdoor activities.

Gregory Mountain Products focuses on innovation and forward-thinking solutions while keeping its products ultra-comfortable and easy to use. Besides backpacking packs, this American brand sells hydration, travel, and day packs. In short, if you need gear haulers, Gregory has you covered.


Online retailers and land-based shops offer plenty of options and backpack designs, and the selection can overwhelm even the most experienced alpinists and hikers.

Nevertheless, it’s possible to find high-quality backpacks and separate the best from the rest. To do so, consider the following elements before purchasing:


Modern technologies have introduced various materials, but not every fabric will provide the necessary resilience and longevity. So, check the overall build quality and craftsmanship to find a backpack that will last a lifetime.


Backpacks, rucksacks, and daypacks come in various dimensions with varying carrying capacities. Therefore, your task is to assess your needs and see how much gear you typically carry. Then, look for models with a suitable shape and size to fit everything inside.


Outdoor equipment should be intuitive, user-friendly, and functional. After all, you don’t want to waste time reading instructions and checking the manual in the middle of a hike. So, check if the pack comes with quick-access openings, sturdy zippers, water bottle holders, and similar elements.


Last but not least, new buyers should look at the price to avoid overpaying for their new backpacking pack. High-end brands sell their products at hefty prices, but many budget-friendly backpacks will meet most users’ needs. On the other hand, the best outdoor bags are a once-in-a-lifetime investment, so don’t skimp.


As the name suggests, Gregory Baltoro 75 offers 75 liters of volume. The company sells two other versions, the 65 and 85 models. In addition, the eye-catching Baltoro comes in two colors, the striking Ferrous Orange and the elegant Dusk Blue.

Overall, Gregory Baltoro leaves an impression of a well-built backpacking pack capable of hauling plenty of gear, food, and clothing during a multi-day trip. Professional and recreational hikers alike could benefit from having the Baltoro pack by their side, primarily because this backpack earns top points for comfort.


We already said that Gregory often experiments with manufacturing technologies and materials. Thus, it’s not surprising that the dependable Baltoro features several fabrics. For instance, the high-tenacity nylon external shell combines well with 630D high-density nylon on the pack’s bottom.

Likewise, Gregory opted for 135D high-density polyester for the lining, while the suspension features multi-density EVA foam. Gregory Baltoro 75 comes with the patented Wishbone aluminum frame, and this lightweight structure provides the bag with structure and stability.

The front-zippered organizational compartments include a heavy-duty mesh pocket, while the central area has a flexible divider. Of course, each component is durable and sturdy, promising to survive plenty of wear and tear in almost any terrain or weather.


The frame is not the only element we liked because this backpacking pack oozes quality. For instance, Gregory Baltoro 75 backpack features the advanced A3 Response suspension system. The name comes from Auto Angle Adjust, meaning that the shoulder harnesses and the hip belts automatically rotate and create a custom fit.

In addition, the harness system and the hip belts are well-padded and ultra-comfy, given that they feature LifeSpan EVA foam. The breathable Matrix back panel also has multi-density foam for maximum cushioning and fatigue reduction.

Another neat detail is the custom-designed molded zipper pulls, showing how Gregory thinks of everything. After all, attention to detail is essential for staying at the top of the backpacking industry.


Gregory Baltoro 75 ranks among the best backpacking packs for a reason. For instance, it would never climb to the very top without offering effortless opening and closing. Namely, this pack has a full-body U-shaped opening for hassle-free access to the spacious main compartment.

Of course, this is only the beginning because the list of functional features could go on for days. For example, you’ll get a custom-fitted rain cover in the zippered pocket on the top of the pack. Similarly, the removable hydration sleeve will effortlessly convert into the handy SideKick Daypack.

Gregory Baltoro 75 also includes a water-resistant WeatherShield hip belt pocket for keeping your phone and other electronics within reach yet protected from the elements. If that’s not enough, this backpacking pack also includes a convenient SideWinder bottle holster, a QuickStow system for sunglasses, and several attachment points for ice axes or trekking poles.


If you need a premium backpack for the bravest outdoor adventures, the capable Gregory Baltoro 75 could be the ideal gear hauler. Despite its price, this model is worth every penny, and it will turn into a worthwhile investment as soon as you set off into the great outdoors.