A successful hunt starts with preparation and planning. Instead of determining what you need for a hunting trip via trial and error, knowing what you need ensures an excellent hunting experience. What you’ll put into your hunting pack depends on your hunting trip length and the weather. This article outlines five crucial items to carry on a hunting trip.

Camouflaged Clothes

The right clothing choice can improve your hunting experience because of how cool or warm they keep you and enable you to blend with your surroundings, making you nearly invisible to your target. While most don’t see colors, they can identify shapes that seem out of place within their environment. When choosing camouflaged clothes, ensure they’re simple with earth-toned patterns to break up the outlines, making them suitable for most environments.

To break your face’s glaring outline, use a full-face mask or face hunting paint. Since animals have a strong sense of smell, camouflaged clothing becomes a necessity as they trap or absorb body odors. Wearing the right hunting gear boosts your confidence and improves your chances of success. You can find these clothes on sites like Kryptek or in physical stores that sell hunting-related items.

Hunting knife

Hunting knives are meant for cutting and not stabbing. They have one sharpened edge and a curved blade. The straight part cuts meat pieces while the curved one helps you with skinning. Hunting knives improve camping and hunting experiences because their versatility helps you meet all your needs while out in the world. Before investing in a hunting knife, consider the type of game you’ll be hunting and how you’ll use it.

Some hunting knives to consider are general-purpose, field dressing, and skinning and caping. Decide whether you want a folding or fixed knife. Go for a carbon or stainless-steel knife as carbon steel is corrosion and rust-resistant, while stainless steel knives are easy to clean and maintain.


Rangefinders eliminate distance uncertainties when shooting bows or rifles. Knowing your target’s actual distance gives you more confidence to shoot or determine that your prey is too far to risk. The right rangefinder model gives you the horizontal and line-of-sight distances, which are beneficial when hunting in steep terrains where you constantly need angled shots. It also lets you pick prime shooting points within your target’s best shooting distance. A rangefinder can also help you stalk distant animals taking readings on them and the different topographical characteristics between you and your prey.

A hunting GPS

GPS devices are essential for modern hunting. They help you find suitable hunting locations for game animals. Losing your way when hunting in the wild is a common concern among hunters. A GPS hunter device comes in handy in such situations. A handheld hunting GPS comes with maps including color-coded boundaries to help you differentiate between private and public land to determine where to hunt.

First aid kit

Hunting is exciting but dangerous. While proper safety precautions might help, it doesn’t always guarantee safety. An appropriately-stocked first aid kit can help in case of accidents or emergencies from falls, cuts, and other injuries.

Hunting Day Pack

Of course, with all of this essential gear, you’ll need a great hunting day pack. If you are just going to be out for a few hours on a morning or an evening hunt, you can choose a smaller pack. However, if you’re on a longer, multi-day hunting trip, you might opt for a larger pack.

The best hunting day packs have plenty of pockets for easy access to the most important gear, like your rangefinder or binoculars (or snacks!) They’ll also typically have a hydration bladder compartment which is very handy.


Knowing what to pack for hunting escapades helps you prepare for fun, successful hunts and experiences. Consider carrying these items on your next hunting trip.

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