What’s to like about Amabilis Heavy Metal jacket:

  • Versatile, 3-season wear
  • Stretchy, 3-layer wool blend
  • Windproof, water-resistant membrane
  • Plenty of storage options: 9 pockets
  • Premium YKK zippers
  • Stand-up collar and a contoured hood
  • Adjustable bottom hem

Nowadays, tactical jackets come in various designs, offering many features and covering a broad spectrum of activities. Yet, finding the ideal model can be tricky, given the abundance of options.

So, how to solve this? For instance, the all-purpose Amabilis Heavy Metal Jacket is a hard-wearing coat that will let you go anywhere and do anything without catching a cold. This model could be right up your alley if you look for dependable and durable clothing.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s check.


If you are not familiar with Amabilis, we should first say a couple of words about this American brand. With 25 years of experience in the industry, Amabilis is among the leading names in the tactical and military clothing sector.

Over the years, the company developed an impressive portfolio of clothing and accessories for military personnel and first response professionals. Of course, high-end clothes for outdoor recreation are also on the menu, alongside premium tactical jackets like the innovative Heavy Metal model.


We already said that there’s no shortage of options in the outdoor clothing market, but not all tactical jackets are made the same. Some will offer a better price to value ratio, so it’s essential to compare several models and separate the best jackets from the rest. To do so, consider the following elements:


Start by checking the overall build quality. In other words, look at the materials and fabrics to find the most durable options. Among other things, a top-quality tactical jacket should resist abrasions and elements, including rain and snow.


Typically, tactical clothing features plenty of pockets, zippers, and other details to help with daily operations and tasks. For that reason, buyers should check whether their new jacket offers maximum ease of use, regardless of the weather or terrain.


Another valuable factor for tactical clothing is comfort, given that most tasks require staying in one jacket or pants for hours. So, it’s crucial to stay as comfortable as possible to reduce fatigue or discomfort. Thus, double-check if the jacket provides the necessary softness and allows for freedom of movement.


Finally, check the price tag before purchasing. After all, many high-end tactical jackets require a hefty investment, even though many budget-friendly jackets can provide similar qualities. So, to avoid overpaying, browse online reviews and do your research to find something suitable for your budget and preferences.


Amabilis started after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and the company now offers various pullovers, tees, hoodies, and jackets for outdoor enthusiasts. The cool-looking Heavy Metal Jacket stands out for its name and unique qualities.

Notably, Amabilis sells this model as an uncompromising blend of performance, style, and value. This definition is not far from the truth, judging by what we’ve seen. You don’t come by a jacket like this every day, and Amabilis Heavy Metal Jacket grabs the attention with its distinctive style and no-nonsense approach.


Arguably, this jacket’s selling point is its multi-functional design. Amabilis opted for a traditional military-inspired look but combined it with innovative fabrics and modern features.

For example, the versatile Heavy Metal Jacket has nine spacious pockets, including the four snap-closure compartments on the front. In addition, you’ll also get three zippered outside pockets and two inside cargo compartments.

So, Amabilis Heavy Metal Jacket is up there with the elite for storage space and convenience. Also, it features extra-durable YKK tooth zippers for effortless opening and closing. Of course, the vintage-looking snap closures are also resilient and sturdy.


Thanks to its semi-tailored fit and high-quality materials, the elegant Heavy Metal Jacket from Amabilis will feel almost like a shirt or a hoodie. And yet, this jacket will keep you warm and cozy during the coldest days.

Amabilis has a reputation for paying maximum attention to the details, and this model is no exception. For instance, it features adjustable snap cuffs and a well-designed bottom hem you can adjust with one hand.

But there’s more, and Amabilis Heavy Metal Jacket also has a contoured hood for protection against wind, sleet, or rain. Likewise, the stand-up collar will give you extra warmth when needed the most.


Finally, we’ve come to this jacket’s essential element, the elegant yet extra-warm construction. Namely, Amabilis opted for a 3-layer structure comprising a 50/50 wool/polyester blend, a windproof membrane, and fleece lining.

Since Amabilis engineered this material for comfort, warmth, and mobility, this jacket is the perfect 3-season wear. Of course, the 4-way stretchiness offers maximum freedom of movement in urban or outdoor environments.

The wool/polyester blend on the outside looks stylish and attractive, while the membrane in the middle provides water and wind resistance. For that reason, Amabilis Heavy Metal Jacket could become your trusty companion on many expeditions through the wilderness.

In addition, we should mention the brushed fleece pockets and the collar lining, which provide extra warmth and improve the overall comfort. The same goes for the main zipper draft flap and the brushed chin guard.


And there you have it, a comprehensive overview of everything Amabilis Heavy Metal Jacket offers. As you can see, this model is in a league of its own regarding elegance and style. Then again, this feature-rich jacket excels in offering functional compartments and easy-to-use features, making it one of the best tactical jackets in 2022.

The only downside to this model could be the relatively hefty price. Yet, Amabilis offers premium quality, so you’ll get your money’s worth if you choose this model. Also, the durable fabrics and the 3-layer construction will make this jacket a once-in-a-lifetime investment for most users.