Camping chairs come in various shapes and sizes, making it tricky to choose the ideal model. But since the warmer weather is almost here, it’s about time to prepare for car camping trips, concerts, and festivals.

So, if you are in the market for high-quality outdoor chairs, you came to the right place. We tested dozens of models and separated the top ten chairs money can buy in 2022.


Finding the perfect camping chair is almost impossible, given that everyone has different expectations and needs. Yet, the chairs on our list deserve a spot among the elite because we used the following checklist to evaluate each model.


We already mentioned shape and size, and it wasn’t by accident. After all, camping chairs need to be as portable and convenient as possible, which can be difficult if the chairs are bulky. That’s why we looked at the dimensions to find space-saving models that will fit into any trunk with no hassle.


Like every other outdoor product, chairs for camping or picnics should be sturdy and resilient. No one wants to sit in a flimsy camping chair and risk becoming a meme once the fall gets online. Also, durable materials are a promise of long-term usage, and that’s why we checked these aspects when reviewing the top-rated outdoor chairs.


Speaking of tipping over and becoming a laughing stock, we also looked at the overall design to find the most secure camping chairs. Even though there are no 100% guarantees, the chairs on our list should provide maximum stability, regardless of the terrain.


Last but not least, we considered the price and the actual value offered by the most popular camping chairs. For that reason, the list comprises budget-friendly and top-tier models, allowing you to choose the ideal chair for your budget. Even so, most camping chairs on our list belong to the mid-price range, offering the best bang for your buck.


Since we love the no-nonsense approach, we decided to start this list in style and visit an iconic American brand. Established in 1952, Kelty has been around for a while, manufacturing playful yet durable gear for enjoyment and recreation. So, we looked into their catalog and analyzed the well-received Kelty Deluxe Lounge Chair.

Available in two color combinations, Deep Lake and Canyon Brown, this camping recliner looks excellent. Of course, the overall build quality is also top-notch because Kelty opted for a powder-coated steel frame. As a result, the chair weighs 10 pounds 5 ounces, with a weight capacity of 325 pounds.

In essence, the relaxing Kelty Deluxe chair features a three-point, adjustable design. The crisscrossing poles provide a stable and reliable base, reducing the chances of tipping over. Also, Kelty Deluxe will allow you to choose between three recline positions. The quilted 600D polyester offers maximum comfort, regardless of how far back you lean.

We should also mention the adjustable armrests and 2x insulated beverage holders. Moreover, the mesh cup holders will stretch around most bottles. Kelty even added a divider for small-sized bottles or soda cans. So, if you are in the market for the best camping chairs under $100, Kelty Deluxe Lounge Chair could be right up your alley.


Unlike Kelty, the second company on our list doesn’t have decades of experience in the business. Nonetheless, YETI has been around since 2006, which is more than enough to learn the ropes. From its HQ in Austin, Texas, this classic American outdoor brand oversees the production of top-quality coolers, ice chests, insulated drinkware, bags, and other gear.

The elegant YETI Trailhead is the perfect example of the company’s philosophy, given that this chair combines stylish aesthetics with durable construction. Namely, the Trailhead chair features a lightweight geometry and a flexible crossover frame. The structure provides excellent stability, and at the same time, you can pack away the chair within seconds.

Another area where YETI Trailhead exceeds expectations is the durable FlexGrid fabric, designed for an outdoorsy lifestyle. The material conforms to the body, eliminating pressure points and ensuring maximum relaxation. In total, the chair supports up to 500 pounds of weight.

YETI Trailhead also comes equipped with color-coded tensioners for optimizing the strength and stretch of the fabric. In addition, it also comes with a sturdy two-strap carry bag for effortless transport and top-drawer mobility. Admittedly, this outdoor chair comes at a steep price, but YETI Trailhead is among the best chairs for hiking, hunting, or fishing.


Established in 1993, ALPS Mountaineering is another American company focused on making high-quality camping, hiking, and mountaineering gear. Admittedly, ALPS is most famous for its tents and sleeping bags, but camping furniture also plays a prominent role in their portfolio.

For example, ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is an exclusive model built for outdoor gatherings in any weather. The company offers plenty of color combinations to customize your King Kong, but regardless of the color, you’ll get a reliable and comfortable chair for car camping or concerts.

Namely, ALPS has opted for 600D polyester fabric and a powder-coated steel frame that supports up to 800 pounds! More importantly, the lightweight King Kong chair features a TechMesh center for extra ventilation and improved airflow. Thus, King King is ideal for hot and humid days.

Overall, the chair weighs 13 pounds, placing it within the industry standard. The actual seat is spacious and comfortable. In addition, ALPS Mountaineering King Kong comes equipped with two cup holders and two side pockets. Of course, the chair comes in a convenient carry bag, with a sturdy shoulder strap and drawcord closing. The King Kong chair costs only a little above $100, making it another affordable model for car campers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Now it’s time to look at something different from the previous chairs on this list. As the name implies, the Stargaze recliner chair from NEMO Equipment is all about plopping down and watching the sky during the warm summer nights.

As an outdoor-oriented brand, NEMO Equipment offers a comprehensive range of tents, bags, pads, pillows, and other equipment for camp life. And despite the competition, the Stargaze chair attracts plenty of attention because of its innovative design and eye-catching colors.

Advertised as “the next generation in camp comfort,” the Stargaze chair offers more stability and relaxation than the traditional camping chairs. In a way, this chair combines the features of reclining and swinging camp chairs, creating an entirely new sitting experience. With the unique geometry and the auto-reclining quality, the Stargaze chair offers a low center of gravity and a supportive headrest.

NEMO Equipment Stargaze recliner chair features an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and a non-absorbent monofilament mesh. Most importantly, the setup should be a breeze, thanks to the anodized pole exterior and well-designed connection points.

Admittedly, the Stargaze chair comes at a relatively higher price, but you’ll get exquisite quality in return. For that reason, we included this model on our list as the most relaxing camping chair in 2022.


Believe it or not, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) first stepped onto the scene in 1938. Over the years, REI grew into many Americans’ favorite outdoor co-op, with more than 20 million members. So, it’s not surprising to see premium-quality outdoor chairs in REI’s catalog, including the travel-friendly Camp X chair.

At first glance, this model might look similar to a couple of chairs we already introduced. Yet, REI has opted for several solutions that separate the Camp X chair from the competition. For instance, the innovative X-Web technology with its X-shaped webbing gives tension to the seat and distributes the weight evenly.

Although it has a heavy-duty steel frame, this chair is portable, easy to set up, and easy to transport. As expected, REI included a stuff sack with the Camp X chair for effortless storage and maximum mobility. Nevertheless, this model will support up to 300 pounds with no problems.

The combo of polyester and mono-mesh offers moisture-wicking and water-repelling properties, making this chair suitable for outdoor use in several seasons. In addition, the REI Co-Op Camp X chair features an integrated cup holder on the right-hand side and a drop-down pocket on the left armrest. Best of all, this budget-friendly chair is among the most affordable options in the current market.


If the traditional recliner chairs are not your cup of tea, the following model might be an ideal option. Namely, Picnic Time Fusion takes the game to a whole new level, improving the functionality and versatility offered by camping chairs. More precisely, Picnic Time introduces the category of outdoor backpack chairs, suitable for many outdoor enthusiasts.

Since it has a powder-coated aluminum frame, the Fusion chair weighs only 13.45 pounds. Simultaneously, the durable construction allows the chair to hold 350 pounds. Of course, the frame features a folding design, with the two armrests meeting each other in the middle. The ribbed padding in the backrest and the seat is also flexible.

Even though the Picnic Time Fusion chair provides excellent seating comfort, it excels in other departments. Primarily, the Fusion chair features a fold-out table on the left side. Moreover, the sturdy table includes a molded cup holder and two expandable shelves. So, besides your favorite beverage, you’ll also have a handy space for essentials or camping gear.

Also, the Fusion chair features a detachable, fully insulated cooler on the right-hand side. It holds up to 24 cans but, more importantly, comes with backpack straps for effortless carrying. In addition, the cooler/backpack features an electronics pocket and a built-in umbrella loop for sun protection during summer festivals.


Established in 1996, GCI Outdoor is a specific outdoor brand, given that it primarily focuses on camping chairs, rockers, and portable tables. As such, GCI Outdoor deserves a spot on our list, and we choose to present the famous Wilderness Backpacker chair. Although this model has been around for a while, it still offers plenty of high-value features.

First, you’ll be glad to hear that GCI Outdoors Wilderness Backpacker comes at an affordable price. So, if you opt for this camping chair, you’ll get a premium folding recliner with a durable mesh backrest, a head pillow, and wooden armrests.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. This elegant camping chair comes equipped with a pair of elegant wooden armrests. The well-designed Wilderness Backpacker also has a multi-position backrest and a beverage holder.

Among other things, this outdoor chair exceeds expectations regarding portability and convenience. Notably, you can effortlessly fold the Wilderness Backpacker and use the adjustable backpack straps to carry the chair. For that reason, GCI Outdoors Wilderness Backpacker is among the most convenient camping chairs money can buy in 2022.


We already talked about Kelty at the start of the list, but this iconic brand deserves another mention. After all, Kelty Low Loveseat has a legendary status among the American campers, and this low-base chair is a common sight around campfires and barbecues.

As the name suggests, the Low Loveseat chair offers plenty of room for two people looking to enjoy each other’s company and spend time out in the open. With a weight capacity of 40 pounds, this chair will let you bring a dog or two along for the ride as well. The durable steel frame features several X-poles for extra stability and safety.

Available in three color combinations, the Low Loveseat is the best two-seater for camping, picnics, or trips to the beach. Moreover, this spacious chair is ideal for any type of outdoor leisure because it offers top-notch comfort and convenience.

For instance, the adjustable armrests and insulated cup holders improve the points for functionality and usability. The only downside to this camping chair is a slightly longer assembly because Kelty Low Loveseat features more parts than any other chair on our list. Nonetheless, this is the way to go if you need extra space.


Yes, we also had ALPS Mountaineering on the list, but this brand more than deserves another spot. In this case, we are talking about an innovative combination of old-style rocker chairs and classic recliner outdoor chairs. The result of this exciting idea is the Breeze Rocker, a chair that takes camping comfort to new levels.

The ALPS Mountaineering Breeze Rocker chair features a high-quality TechMesh fabric, ensuring maximum breathability and temperature regulation. Likewise, ALPS opted for the proprietary Pro-Tec powder-coated steel frame to provide stability and longevity. Overall, the chair weighs 15 pounds and 12 ounces, supporting up to 300 pounds.

Of course, the crucial aspects of the Breeze Rocker camping chair are the curved poles at the bottom. Essentially, this base allows you to rock back and forth in the good-old porch style with almost no effort.

The ergonomic seat is perfect for summertime events, and that’s why Breeze Rocker stands above the competition in the category of the best camping chairs for summer. As expected, this model offers maximum portability, and you can lock it into place when folded to save storage space and ensure safety during transport.


Last but not least, the ultralight Chair Zero from Helinox earns the spot on our list with its creative design and unrivaled portability. If you are not familiar with the name, we should say that Helinox is still a relatively young brand since it appeared in 2009. The company manufactures top-drawer furniture for camping and other outdoor activities.

In 2012, Helinox introduced the first iteration of Chair Zero, with a next-gen construction and an innovative concept. Over the years, the company updated its flagship model, and the latest generation of Chair Zero is more durable and lighter than ever.

More precisely, Helinox uses a proprietary aluminum alloy to reduce weight and maintain overall rigidity and stability. So, believe it or not, this lightweight camping chair weighs approximately one pound. Helinox provides a five-year warranty on the product, and the maximum weight capacity is 265 pounds.

Available in three colors, Helinox Chair Zero is a convenient and comfortable chair for hiking, fishing, and other outdoor adventures. In a way, the chair will self-assemble because it features a shock-corded frame, providing you with peace of mind and a comfy seating position wherever the adventure takes you.


And there you have it, the complete overview of the best outdoor chairs for 2022 and beyond. Each model on the list meets the highest criteria, and you’ll not regret splashing the cash on any of them.

Even so, most will agree that the King Kong chair from ALPS Mountaineering steals the show. Likewise, the innovative Yeti Trailhead often ranks at the top, and it has our vote as well. Then again, it all depends on your needs and preferences, so take your time and choose the best chair for lounging and relaxing.