Main features of the Julbo Explorer 2.0 Sports Sunglasses:

  • Spectron polycarbonate lens
  • Excellent shock resistance
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Removable side shields
  • 360-degrees adjustable temples
  • Natural front venting

After watching 14 Peaks and similar documentaries, many were inspired to conquer the highest peaks and climb the tallest mountains. If you had a similar idea, a pair of high-quality sunglasses would be an excellent place to start. After all, you’ll never conquer a mountain by staring at the sun without high-quality eyewear.

For instance, the attractive Julbo Explorer 2.0 Sports Sunglasses are the best. Thousands of satisfied users and plenty of meters climbed are a testament to Explorer’s remarkable quality.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, and here’s why the second generation of Julbo Explorer deserves the praise it gets.


Believe it or not, Julbo has been around since 1888, dominating the French eyewear industry in the high-performance segment. For instance, this company developed the iconic Vermont goggles in 1950, opening the doors for many conquests of the highest peaks and glaciers.

Over the years, Julbo expanded its offering, meeting the needs of climbers, trail runners, yachters, and mountain bikers worldwide.


Alpinism and high mountaineering are no child’s play, and you need serious gear to climb snow-covered peaks and come back alive. For that reason, buying the best sunglasses money can back can be a life-saving investment.

Yet, the market offers hundreds of models, making it tricky to choose. So, to help with this issue here’s what to consider before purchasing:


Of course, everything starts with durability and the overall sturdiness. Flimsy sunglasses will hardly survive a walk down the beach, let alone a demanding mission on a glacier or high-speed adventures on the slopes. Therefore, always check the construction and the materials to find a reliable pair of sports sunglasses.


The second aspect is comfort because sports sunglasses should provide a secure and snug fit. Thus, it’s crucial to double-check the dimensions and sizing. If possible, buyers should always try the sunglasses and see if they contour the head properly.


We already mentioned that sunglasses for extreme sports, such as alpinism, play a vital role in protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays. So, look for glasses providing extra protection from these elements. Filters and various coatings can make a massive difference between healthy eyes and temporary or permanent blindness.


Finally, we should also add a couple of words about the costs, because high-quality sports sunglasses can get quite pricey. We recommend glancing at the price tag to avoid surprises at the checkout. Also, most budget-friendly will meet the needs of recreational or semi-pro users, so compare several models to find the ideal option.


Since Julbo has more than 125 years of experience in the industry, it’s no surprise they know how to make a quality product. And yet, the French company never rests on its laurels, and they continue to enhance its lineup.

The same happened with Explorer sports sunglasses, given that the new version received several improvements, such as the mirrored Spectron4 lens.


After the success of the first Explorer model, Julbo takes things to the next level and expands the series in all directions. And they meant that literally. For instance, Explorer 2.0 measures 135mm in temple length, while the lens height is 47mm.

Given the 11mm bridge distance, each lense is 61mm long. Therefore, Julbo Explorer 2.0 sports sunglasses are broader and higher than the previous model. Also, we should add that Julbo offers two color combinations, allowing you to adjust the sunglasses with your style to make those peak-conquering photos iconic and memorable.


Julbo Explorer 2.0 offers complete eye coverage with its massive lenses. Thus, you’ll get an unencumbered panoramic view with these sports sunglasses. At the same time, Explorer 2.0 provides excellent eye protection.

Most importantly, the photochromatic lenses are polarized and feature an anti-reflective coating. The lens will change from dark to light (and vice versa) depending on the conditions and the overall luminosity.

In addition, Julbo Explorer 2.0 sports sunglasses received an anti-fog treatment, meaning there is no fogging up with this revamped classic. Of course, the frame design also helps prevent fogging because Explorer 2.0 offers plenty of airflow and ventilation.


We mentioned Spectron already, but this technology is at the heart of these sunglasses. Namely, this system offers 5% VLT (visible light transmission rate), ranking the Julbo lens up there with the best.

So, without sounding too technical, the idea is that Spectron technology eliminates the sun’s harmful rays and provides maximum protection in high altitudes. The filter effect created by Spectron lenses ranks Julbo Explorer 2.0 in category four regarding sun protection.


Julbo Explorer 2.0 sunglasses come with removable side pieces and a sturdy yet flexible frame. Even though some might consider them geeky or nerdy, the side pieces are an excellent detail for high-mountain activities. As expected, you can remove them without hassle.

The Explorer 2.0 sunglasses earn top marks for comfort because they feature 360-degree adjustable temples and a shock-absorbing insert on the nose grip.


Everyone knows what they are getting when they reach for Julbo sunglasses on the shelf in a store. The same goes for the reinvented Julbo Explorer 2.0 Sports Sunglasses, their flagship model.

So, is there more to say? Do you need more proof that a pair of second-generation Explorers is what you need? We think that we have presented enough evidence, and every outdoor enthusiast or extreme sports fanatic will appreciate the love and craftsmanship instilled in this product.