Wireless headphones are having their moment, and it seems like everyone is sporting a pair of earbuds while working, exercising, or commuting. It’s high time you join the party.

Yet, finding the ideal buds for a wire-free audio experience can be tricky because the options are almost endless. That’s why we narrowed the selection to ten top-quality wireless headphones to buy.

So, without further ado, let’s see what they offer.


We looked at several factors to determine if a pair of buds deserves a spot on this list, and this method allowed us to separate the best headphones from the rest.

Of course, the same checklist can double as a buyer’s guide, so feel free to use it if you plan to splash the cash.


An ergonomic and comfortable shape is essential for a pleasant listening experience, and that’s why modern wireless earbuds follow the ear’s anatomy and rarely slip or fall out. Nonetheless, we double-checked each model to see if they also sport an appealing, eye-catching aesthetic.


Audio playback is the focus of every wireless headphone, with each generation of earbuds pushing the limits and introducing improved sound quality. Likewise, noise canceling technologies receive more hype than ever, so we also considered these elements. Of course, the best wireless earbuds should offer immersive audio with perfect highs and lows.


Modern earbuds don’t have as many issues with connectivity and battery life as earlier generations had. Nevertheless, buyers should check the overall build quality to ensure an enjoyable audio playback. Sturdy wireless earbuds should handle falls on various surfaces, but the best models should offer water resistance alongside shock absorption.


Finally, we considered several price points to select the best wireless earbuds from each group. In other words, our top ten list features budget-friendly wireless headphones alongside high-end models. Thus, you can compare their qualities to see which pair would be the ideal pick for your needs and preferences.


At the risk of being predictable, we’ll first head over to Cupertino, California, and present a game-changing pair of earbuds. If you are a die-core Apple fan, the chances are you already own AirPods or AirPods Pro, given the immense popularity of these devices. If not, it’s never too late to add them to your Apple-inspired arsenal.

These Bluetooth in-ear headphones have been around since October 2019, but the design and audio performance don’t feel outdated. On the contrary, the AirPods Pro model still ranks among the best-looking wireless earbuds ever. The much-anticipated Pro 2 should appear before the end of the year, but it faces a tough challenge in overcoming its predecessor.

Besides the undeniable looks, the award-winning Apple AirPods Pro buds offer impressive audio with best-in-class sound-playing performance. For instance, Apple opted for a combo of outward- and inward-facing microphones to design state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancellation technology. So, you’ll effortlessly block unwanted sounds and hush out the surroundings.

The innovative Apple AirPods Pro earbuds also come equipped with Transparency mode, Conversation Boost technology, and Adaptive EQ. In addition, spatial audio and dynamic head tracking result in a three-dimensional sound experience. The famous H1 chip controls everything to produce clear sounds while saving battery life (five hours of playtime, 24h with the charging case).


The previous model is a safe bet for music enthusiasts, fitness lovers, and podcast fans, but the price might deter some buyers. Nonetheless, high-end wireless headphones have their audience, and the second entry on our list is neck and neck with AirPods Pro regarding price. But can Sennheiser compare with Apple, and are these buds worth the money?

From what we’ve seen, the third generation of Momentum True Wireless earbuds from the renowned German brand is worth every penny. Sennheiser is an audio company with 77 years of experience, so it’s not surprising to see artisan manufacturing and excellent attention to detail in the latest Momentums.

Since they are ‘inspired by music,’ these headphones provide the ultimate listening experience with high-fidelity sound and Adaptive Noise Cancellation. Even though the 0.21-ounce Momentum TW3 headphones are not the lightest buds in 2022, they feature a 7mm full-range drive with TrueResponse technology.

On the other hand, the third-gen Sennheiser Momentum buds have an IPX4 rating with an ergonomic shape and rubber stabilizers in each headphone. So, a snug and comfortable fit is guaranteed while touch controls and EQ presets let you control the listening experience. In addition, the Momentum TW3 earbuds offer seven hours of battery life on a single charge, making them one of the best options for hikers and outdoor explorers.


Beats Electronics LLC, aka Beats by Dre, stepped onto the consumer electronics scene in 2006 in Santa Monica, California. In 2014, Beats became an Apple subsidiary in the largest Apple acquisition in history ($3 billion). The latest earbuds from Beats, backed by Kim Kardashian herself, offer an irresistible combo of style and all-day comfort.

Namely, Kim’s Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds palette features three earthly, neutral tones to blend in with your skin or clothing. More importantly, these buds have a secure-fit wingtip to ensure a snug fit during vigorous workouts. In addition, you’ll get three silicone ear tip options to find the ideal size effortlessly.

Like all high-rated wireless earbuds, the Fit Pro model from Beats features dynamic head tracking with spatial audio and Active Noise Canceling. At the same time, these buds will let you stay aware of the surroundings with the intuitive Transparency mode. The iconic ‘b’ button allows you to activate voice assistants, manage playlists, toggle modes or take calls.

With ANC on, you’ll have six hours of playback at your disposal. The pocket-sized case provides extra 18 hours of juice. Meanwhile, the H1 chip will handle connections with Apple devices and services. So, if you need classy wireless earbuds for exercising, add the Beats Fit Pro buds to the wishlist.


The QuietComfort earbuds from Bose could be ideal if you need a pair of dependable, all-around wireless headphones. This American company founded in 1964 has plenty of experience in manufacturing premium audio equipment, and its latest earbuds continue down the well-trodden path. So, let’s why Bose QuietComfort buds deserve a place on the best wireless earbuds list.

For starters, these nearly-invisible headphones come equipped with the best-in-class Bose noise-canceling technology. Of course, the quiet background allows your favorite tunes to shine, delivering impressive audio quality. With full-bodied bass notes and crisp highs, the QuietComfort earbuds will provide hours of enjoyment to music lovers worldwide.

As expected, Bose QuietComfort model has an Aware option besides the impressive Quiet mode. Plus, the ActiveSense technology adjusts noise cancellation to deliver optimum sounds to help you stay aware of the surroundings. In addition, these earbuds are sweat- and water-resistant (IPX4 rating).

The QuietComfort earbuds have an acoustic architecture, but the silicone StayHear Max tips earn the highest praise. On the other hand, a relatively low battery life of 18 hours with the charging case is the only shortcoming we could find.


Another European brand to make the top ten list is Jabra, a Danish audio equipment manufacturer founded in 1983. Famous for its elegant designs, Jabra typically ranks among the leaders in the headphones segment, and the flagship Elite 85t model shows why this is the case.

Notably, Jabra Elite 85t are among the best wireless earbuds because they offer state-of-the-art noise cancellation. The technology will block any background noise and shield you from the outside world, while the HearThrough mode acts as a transparency option. More precisely, you can choose between 11 levels of ANC and adjust the background sounds without hassle.

Jabra’s proprietary chipset powers these earbuds, giving them a 6-band EQ path, low-latency signal processing, and multi-stage filtering. At the same time, Jabra claims to have tested these buds on thousands of ears, creating the perfect form in the most compact shape. The semi-open design prevents pressure build-up, while the soft silicone EarGels™ inserts provide a comfortable feeling.

Of course, we should also mention that Jabra Elite 85t earbuds have 12mm speakers and a 5.5-hour run time on a single charge. The total battery life climbs to 25 hours with the sturdy charging case.


Even though Amazfit is a relatively new name on the global scene, this Chinese company has taken the world by storm. Founded in 2015, Amazfit focuses on smart wearable devices related to sports and health, and the PowerBuds Pro headphones perfectly illustrate the brand’s philosophy.

Critics might argue that these wireless earbuds look a little like Apple AirPods, considering the white-colored, rounded aesthetic. However, Amazfit decided to take things to the next level and equipped these buds with a heart rate sensor, hearing protection, and even cervical spine posture reminders!

The feature-rich PowerBuds Pro earbuds offer active noise cancellation of up to 40 decibels with a 3-mic noise-reduction system. In addition, an intuitive equalizer will let you customize sounds to reach the most enjoyable experience. So, for around $120, these earbuds are a steal.

Believe it or not, these wireless headphones have a 30-hour total playback time and up to 9-hour capacity on a single charge. Likewise, the PowerBuds Pro model has an IP55 water- and dust-resistance rating, making these wireless earbuds ideal for outdoor activities and adventures.


The next brand on our list needs no introduction, given that this Japanese-based yet multinational conglomerate has been around since 1946. As Japan’s largest media and technology group, SONY is the unofficial king of image sensors, cameras, video gaming consoles, and many other electronic products. So, what to expect from their top-tier wireless earbuds?

Only the best, of course. For instance, the WF-1000XM4 model, advertised as the ‘AirPods killer,’ has a cool-looking design, foam ear tips, and a highly rated V1 processor. Since they are optimized for top performance, these earbuds offer seven hours and 43 minutes of run time on a full charge. The charging case adds two more cycles, taking the overall battery capacity to around 24 hours.

The well-built SONY LR WF-1000XM4 wireless headphones provide excellent noise cancellation thanks to the insulating memory foam tips. Of course, isolation will protect your hearing while preserving the quality of your favorite tunes.

With an IPX4 rating and a 24-hour battery life, these earbuds offer dependable service in any condition. For instance, the WF-1000XM4 series has an Automatic Wind Noise Reduction system to minimize wind noise while cycling or jogging. On the other hand, SONY LR WF-1000XM4 headphones are among the most expensive wireless earbuds, costing around $30 more than Apple AirPods Pro.


If you are reluctant to spend heavily on a pair of earbuds and risk forgetting them in the gym—we’ve got you covered. The Nurd Buds from OnePlus sell for only $39, making them the most wallet-friendly wireless headphones in 2022. OnePlus is another young Chinese brand on this list, and it only stepped onto the consumer electronics scene in 2013.

The affordable Nord earbuds come with 12.4mm titanium drivers and a 4-mic design. In addition, advanced AI handles noise reduction, allowing you to make calls in crowded areas or windy conditions. We should also mention the DOLBY Atmos technology that provides the gigantic drivers with crisp highs and deep bass.

The OnePlus Nord Buds offer an excellent price-to-value ratio, making them the perfect pick for anyone looking for inexpensive wireless headphones for commute, training, or work. These stylish earbuds provide up to seven hours of listening time, with a total run time of 30 hours with the charging case.

Don’t let the price fool you because OnePlus opted for premium materials for these wire-free headphones. As a result, the Nord Buds have an IP55 rating, handling sweat or rain without problems. On top of that, OnePlus Nord Buds are excellent gaming earbuds since they feature Bluetooth 5.2 and 94ms latency.


Trying to improve upon a winning formula doesn’t always pay off, but the next pair of earbuds is a successful upgrade on its predecessor. Then again, Cambridge Audio is a British company with 54 years of experience, and they know how to make high-quality audio equipment.

The first generation of Melomania earbuds attracted plenty of attention. Still, the 1+ model released in 2021 will put many wireless earbuds in the shade for battery life, sound quality, and overall usability. Although the exterior design didn’t change much, the new iteration received several valuable upgrades under the hood.

Notably, the innovative 5.8 mm Graphene drivers reproduce music faithfully while the patented High-Performance Audio Mode delivers hi-fi quality audio. Despite their featherweight design, these earbuds give an impressive dynamic response and a superb frequency range.

Another area where Melomania 1+ earns top points is battery life, given that the new model offers up to nine hours of playback per charge. Of course, the charging case will extend the listening time to 36 hours. So, if you need comfortable wireless headphones for weekend adventures and getaways, Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ could be right up your street.


Finally, we go back to the States to check on a Brooklyn-based company founded in 1953. Grado Labs is a family-owned manufacturer of audio electronics that relies more on word-of-mouth advertising than mass campaigns. The brand’s aura and reputation have been passed down through generations, and the latest Grado products maintain the highest quality standards.

For instance, the GT220 series holds its 8mm polyethylene drivers in a compact, 5 gr polycarbonate housing. The design is somewhat similar to Jabra Elite earbuds, but Grado’s philosophy is to stand out with unrivaled quality, not aesthetics.

The GT220 earbuds are Grado’s first wireless headphones, bringing the signature sound into the wire-free world. They feature an IPX4 waterproof rating with touch controls and multiple ear tips. In addition, the GT220 supports wireless charging and provides up to 36 hours of listening time with the charging case.

Grado Labs GT220 in-ear headphones have a built-in microphone and support 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz-20kHz, and they also have a touch-sensitive faceplate with easy-to-use voice control. Yet, the premium Grado GT220 wireless headphones have a hefty price tag, exceeding the $250 mark.


And there you have ‘em—the best-rated wireless headphones in 2022. These earbuds are the cream of the crop, offering a broad spectrum of features and advanced technologies in compact, user-friendly shapes. From Apple and Sony to Bose and Jabra, this comprehensive list has it all, covering the leading brands and their flagship models.

After all, you’ll need durable and dependable headphones if you are into podcasts, playlists, tunes, and everything in between. Therefore, earbuds from elite manufacturers should be a worthwhile investment and money well spent.