These days, it’s easy to get into home brewing. You barely need to even know anything about beer with some of the new brewing machines coming out. Take the Hopii, for example, which work at the press of the button. The new Pico Model C is much the same, and lets you craft 5 liters of beer in a few hours.

The Model C works with “PicoPaks,” which contain the exact measure of hops and grains needed to brew your favorite beer. The machine reads the code on the Pak, and tunes the settings to exactly what’s needed for that brew. Even the water used is matched to the brewer’s preferred choice – minerals included.

Simply pop in one of these PicoPaks – you can choose from a wide variety of different beers from different breweries, hopefully including some of your favorites – and turn the machine on. The 1500 watts of steam steam heats up and brews the beer evenly – with far more control than over the stove. The Pico Model C is actually connected to Wifi, allowing you to monitor its status remotely from your smartphone. (And yes, there’s an App for that). There is even a detachable keg, which you can fill up and stick in the fridge before brewing another batch. Each batch will be ready to go in about 2 hours, and then within 10-14 days, you’ll have a fully fermented brew ready to enjoy.

The Pico Model C makes home brewing easy. And best of all, it eliminates the need for the hours of cleaning and sterilizing that traditional brewing methods usually entail. It’s a great way to get into home-brewing yourself, and lets you almost always have freshly brewed beer on tap for entertaining.


  • Uses PicoPaks to brew your favorite beers at the touch of a button
  • PicoPaks are precisely tuned to the exact brew recipe
  • Each batch takes about 2 hours, and ferments in 10-14 days
  • WiFi allows you to monitor the brew on your phone
  • Filters water to exact brew requirements
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