The weather outside may be frightful, but you don’t have to sleep uncomfortably. With the Blackcan Heat Camping Mat, you can be in extreme conditions down to -86 degrees Fahrenheit and sleep in a bag at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The beauty is no external power is require, AND the set up is lightweight enough that it can be added to your outdoor gear back easily. You can trade off the bulkier sleeping bag with the Blackcan.

Storms, heavy rains, and wind speeds up to 10m/second are no problem for the Blackcan. The system uses an automatic hot water heating system to deliver warmth to your sleeping bag. All is done through a mechanical mechanism which allows automatic control. The automatic gas control function allows the Blackcan to be used up to 10 hours, based on the 230-gram butane gas canister. Using a 265-gram butane canister will provide up to 24 hours of heat. The heat is delivered to a 1.06-inch thick hot water mat. This revolutionary technology uses a three-stage operation system of hot water circulation, temperature control, and gas cut-off to allow you to enjoy the product safely outdoors without the risk of fire. Blackcan has passed safety tests of international standards regarding the safe cut-off of gas, gas leakage, combustible harmful gas and fire prevention.

Just place your sleeping bag on the mat and start dreaming.

Blackcan Heat Camping Mat Blackcan Heat Camping Mat Blackcan Heat Camping Mat Blackcan Heat Camping Mat Blackcan Heat Camping Mat