Really, is there a more timeless toy on the market than Legos? These babies aren’t just for the small tykes in the house. If you’ve ever been to a BrickUniverse event, you will quickly realize there are grown “kids” spending hours upon hours creating projects that will literally take your breath away. Just take a Lego weapon engineer and combine Legos and what do you get? The Lego Desert Eagle.

Check out the weapon engineer’s You Tube channel under the name of Snyzer_Tech. His creations will make you stop and question the genius behind his creations. His recent weapon is engineered from a series of rubber bands and standard Lego bricks. It is one thing to create a handgun that is somewhat operational; however, this one shoots off rounds from a reloadable magazine. The accuracy is pretty unbelievable also. Just like potato chips…see if you can watch the video just once.


LEGO Desert Eagle 2