A wise brewer once told us that “brewing is 90% cleaning and ten percent paperwork.” If you’re homebrewing,that 10% paperwork might be something else, but the idea still remains the same – home brewing is a lot of work and a lot of cleaning. Hopii aims to solve that problem by making homebrewing simple and easy.

The Hopii uses ingredient pods, with the exact recipes of different craft beers that have partnered up with Hopii. Hopii’s algorithms perfectly matches the brewery’s recipes, and brews the beer in the exact same manner  as the original brewery. All you have to do is buy the ingredient pod for the beer you wish to brew, pop it into the machine, and press a button – the machine does all the work, and you have a freshly brewed drink ready to go in about 7 days (depending on the exact style of beer you choose). The built-in tap lets you pour a fresh drink right away, but you can also take it out and keep in the fridge and start brewing your next batch right away.

Sure – if homebrewing is your hobby, Hopii takes all the work and fun out of it. But if you just really enjoy the taste of fresh-brewed beer (and who doesn’t enjoy the taste of fresh-brewed beer?), and want to be able to have one anytime from the comfort of your own home, a Hopii brew knocks an old bottled beer out of the water. And besides, it’s not entirely effortless – you’re still going to have to clean it, but using the Hopii’s One-Touch cleaning system; just put in the airlock cap, a little water and sanitizer, and press the button. All done.

Hopii is currently only available via Kickstarter, but they’ve already raised over $350,000. Each unit requires a pledge of at least $349, and if you support it, you’ll also get access to Brewer’s Mode, which lets you ferment your own craft beer with your own custom ingredients. You are able to input your own custom recipe into HOPii and ferment your own wort, dry hop, flavors, and cold crash, then set it to your favorite drinking temperature for each beer.






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