As much as we like to ditch our technology and devices when getting off the grid, there are times where you will want to have some fully charged batteries. The catch is always, how to do that when your miles from the nearest power outlet? Solar power, of course. And few solar chargers are as convenient as the Bushnell SolarWrap 400.

The Bushnell SolarWrap 400 rolls up to 9” long and 4” wide, fitting easily inside your pack and weighing only 10 ounces. When it’s unrolled, it’s 29” long, creating a large, long surface of solar panels that captures plenty of sunlight. It can put out 5 volts at once, and the built-in Li-ion battery charges fully on solar power in 3.5 hours. It also plugs into the wall, where it charges fully in 4 hours.

From there, you can carry it around and charge your phone, camera or GPS device using the USB output, providing refillable, renewable source of energy wherever you need. Bushnell says it holds enough power to charge a camera or GPS 2.5 times, and your typical smartphone once. Or, if you’ve got time to kill, you can just lay the roll out and charge your phone directly in just a couple hours.

Also, if you don’t mind sacrificing charging time and power in exchange for a smaller piece of gear, and a few bucks, you can opt for smaller SolarWrap sizes, such as the Bear Grylls Edition.

Just add sun.

Bushnell SolarWrap 400 Bear Grylls Version Bushnell SolarWrap Solar Charger