We’re not always fans of fruit-flavored beers; sure, there are some good ones, but a lot of the time they come across a lot funkier than a refreshing beer should be. A bit of lemon or orange? Sure. Cherry? Not so much. Still, you gotta 21st Amendment, and their many unique, patriotically-themed, liberty-lovin’ flavors and brews. And this summer, they’ve put out a very unique, bold wheat brew, cleverly entitled “Hell or High Watermelon.”

Coming in at a leisurely 4.9% ABV and a can adorned with Lady Liberty perched atop the Golden Gate Bridge, Hell or High Watermelon is a lightly-straw colored wheat brewed with real watermelon and ranking in at 17 IBUs – a perfect amount for crisp, cool, refreshing beer on a summer’s night. 21st Amendment says that in the pursuit of innovative beer, “no obstacle is too great. No journey too long.” And that’s what inspired them on this particular brew. Hey, if it tastes as good as some of their others – we’ll give it a try.