While we’ve certainly seen a few products make some pretty bold claims, the Smith Lowdown Focus make a pretty interesting one: these sunglasses claim to improve your focus, particularly in athletic situations that require intense mental focus and agility, and heighten your sense of awareness, using special “brain-sensing” technology integrated into the glasses that senses your eye movement and uses it to read your brain, giving you feedback on how focused you are and helping to tune in even more. Somehow.

The glasses pair with your phone via Bluetooth, and then with the Smith Focus App, which gives you instant feedback as to what is going on inside your brain as you train. It gives you personalized data tracking, offering challenges and rewards for improving your focus and staying in the zone as you train.

We’re not sure what to think, or if this technology actually works, but if it does, we can certainly see it providing some benefit to your training sessions.

On the more practical glasses front, the glasses are based on the already-popular Smith Lowdown sunglasses, are RX compatible, and have no slip megol nosepads and adjustable temples to ensure a perfect fit. They also come with ChromaPop lenses, which filter out the particular wavelengths of light that cause color confusion, giving a crisper, clearer, more-defined image.

With both Matte Gravity and Matte Black color schemes, and a classy Wayfarer-esque aesthetic, the Lowdown Focus are certainly stylish glasses. How well they improve your focus, and whether they’re worth the $350 remains to be seen, but we’d be game for testing them out.

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