Located in Tain, Scotland, Glenmorangie is a Highland Distillery that boasts the distinction of having the tallest stills in Scotland – standing more than 26 feet tall, and lending a sweeter, lighter flavor to the whisky they produce. The Glenmorangie distillery goes all the way back to 1843, and for years, the 16 Men Of Tain, as they were called, distilled single malt whisky around the clock, all-year round.  The operation is a bit bigger these days (turns out they are now owned by Louis Vuitton, and in turn, own Ardbeg). But the Glenmorangie whisky remains as good as ever, with a few more years behind it.

Glenmorangie The Original is a 10-year old single malt aged in American white oak casks, including “designer casks” from Missouri, which they have grown and sourced from the Ozarks themselves. These bourbon casks give their whiskies a flavor that is soft and creamy, fruity and complex all at once, combining the best of both Scotch and American whiskey.

The aroma has citrus and vanilla, the taste is a perfect balance of vanilla and some tropical fruit, while the finish leaves you with even more of that orange and peach. And it’s got a beautiful golden honey color you expect from a single malt whisky.

And we’re not the only ones who think it’s good. Glenmorangie The Original won Gold Medals at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in both 2016 and 2017. Add a bottle to the collection this summer and see for yourself.

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