The Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove isn’t your typical butane-burning, backpacking camp stove, but the unique design is one of the best we’ve seen; it eliminates any need for fuel and lets you burn whatever fuel – wood, twigs, shavings – you can find near your campsite in a hot, fast, compact and efficient fire.

It’s awesome for a few reasons.

First, it’s super light. Made from titanium, it weighs only 116g. That’s light in and of itself but consider the fact you don’t have to carry a fuel canister, and that weight becomes even more attractive. It also folds up super small – like a piece of thick paper or cardboard – and fits just about anywhere in your pack – barely there.

Then, the conical shape is perfect for burning an efficient, hot fire with very little wood. The shape forces heat upwards, focusing it on the bottom of your pot or pan, for fast, efficient heating and cooking. A standard pot of water boils in 5 or 6 minutes with a full fire going – average time frame.

To set it up, all you must do is snap the hinged side panels together, find some scraps of wood, and get to work. (In their own words, basic fire skills are required). The top of the cone is large enough for basic camp/backpack-sized pots and pans.

On the front is a hinged access door, which makes it easy to funnel more wood directly into the flame and control the air flow if the flame needs a bit more air.

When you’re done with it, fold it back up into that compact shape and throw it in the nylon carrying case. Simple, easy, lightweight. The Vargo Hexagon is an awesome addition to any backpacking or bikepacking kit where weight and efficiency matter.

Vargon-Hexagon-Wood-Stove-2 Vargon-Hexagon-Wood-Stove-3 Vargon-Hexagon-Wood-Stove-4