Distilled in Spokane, Washington, Dry Fly Port Finish Wheat Whiskey is one of those unusual, but delicious, whiskeys you never asked for, but need to try anyway. It’s made from the same whiskey as their award-winning flagship Dry Fly Straight Washington Wheat – 100% local white wheat, distilled twice in traditional American whiskey style, and  aged for at least 3 years in charred American Oak barrels. But it’s then moved to a Port Wine barrel for 6-12 months – Huckleberry Port, which imparts the whiskey with a sweetness that regular whiskey just doesn’t have.

The Port itself has “dried black currant, huckleberry, fig and black cherry with a hint of licorice. Huckleberry, chocolate, coffee and black currant linger with a long satisfying finish.” Pour a glass of the whiskey and you should definitely pick up that sweet fruitiness right on the nose. When you sip it, you’ll immediately get some notes of maple and sugar. There’s even some oiliness from the port, and on the finish, a smooth, sweet taste.

A very unique whiskey, for sure. If you’re a straight up bourbon or rye lover who can’t reconcile the idea of a sweet mix, this may not be for you. But if you’re open to expanding your comfort zone and trying out some new ideas for your palate, then the Dry Fly Port Finish is definitely worth a look – if $50 a bottle doesn’t sound too risky. It clocks in at a comfortable 90 proof.