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23rd Street Hybrid Whiskey: An Exciting Blend of…Whiskeys

23rd street hybrid whiskey

TwentyThird Street Distillery hails from Renmark, South Australia, and makes a variety of delicious spirits and blends – Signature Gin, Not Your Nanna’s Brandy, and Prime 5 Brandy.  Add whiskey to that. Their newest blend is 23rd Street Hybrid Whiskey, which combines both Scotch and Bourbon into a rich, malted blend. It was made from prime barrels of Scotch whisky and American Bourbon, collected and curated by head distiller Graham Buller. The Scotch has been aged for an average of 5 years, while the Bourbon for an average of 2 years, before the blend itself is put back into the barrel for finishing.

The result is a distinctive drink with aroma of toasted oak, hints of sweet sherry, and floral, earthy notes. Rounded malt like flavors and rich sherry characters finish the package, all wrapped up in a nice 42.3%. So far, 23rd Street Hybrid Whiskey has been good enough to win a Silver Outstanding Medal and the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017 and a Bronze Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017. Sounds worth trying, in our opinion, whether neat or on the rocks. Pair with a cigar and fireplace for the perfect evening, and enjoy the best of two whiskey worlds.



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