Serac calls their Sequoia XL the most comfortable camping hammock ever. There’s some stiff competition for that title, to be sure, but judging by the reviews and the extra-large size, it might just stack up.

The Sequoia XL is made from a diamond-weave ripstop nylon, which allows it to hold a good 500 pounds of weight while weighing only 19 ounces. It’s quite generously sized, at 9 feet, 10 inches long, and 5 feet, 7 inches wide. By itself, it’s just a simple, easy, straight-forward hammock for chilling in the woods after a hike or camping out overnight on longer trips.

But, Serac has made it their mission to provide the best value and all-in-one camping hammock kit on the market. The kit comes with two 6-foot long suspension straps, made on non-stretch polyester and with 10 anchor points on each strap; most camping hammocks make you purchase these separately. And instead of the usual cheap carabiners, Serac includes two ultralight aluminum Wiregate Carabiners, built to hold up to 1,100 pounds of force each.

Best of all, the entire kit is dirt cheap – a fraction of what you might pay for an ENO or Hennessey hammock. If you’re still on a budget or aren’t yet sure if hammock camping is you and don’t want to blow too much money, the Serac Sequoia XL is a steal.

Just how comfortable it is? Looks you’ll have to find out for yourself. Pair it with a Serac’s equally well-priced bug net or overhang rain tarp for a full camping setup. They also sell tree straps in 15 and 20 foot lengths.

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