Altra has taken running shoes and technology to a new level for athletes. The Altra Torin IQ is among the first commercially-available “smart shoes.”  Inside the midsole are pressure sensors, a tiny battery, and a microchip that connects with your phone via Bluetooth. The performance feedback you get from your run is far superior to anything on the market.

As you run, the sensors measure the pressure your foot exerts with each footfall. Data on impact force and location, contact time, and cadence are collected to improve stride and make you more efficient.

Performance Features of Altra Torin IQ Running Shoes

  • The data provided through the Altra built-in technology allows the runner to analyze performance to improve running form, which helps runners avoid injuries, move faster, and run longer.
  • Data provided through the coordinating app can be analyzed during and after a run. The app provides live coaching as you run.
  • As you being your run, the app is launched and begins providing feedback. You can set coaching frequency voice cues from one minute to 10 minutes, or more. It gives live feedback on foot strike, cadence, pace, and time (the last two through the phone’s GPS).
  • App communication is done through BLE Wireless Communication
  • The Torin IQ is a neutral running shoe with zero-drop and 28mm stack height. It’s moderately cushioned and comfortable on pavement. It’s available in men’s and women’s models.
  • The sensors add no weight to the Torin, as they sit in a channel cut out from midsole foam. The Torin IQ weighs 9.3 oz per shoe in a sample size.
  • The small internal battery is replaceable. One battery would last 400-500 miles, depending on the runner.
  • The Torin IQ is a shoe is designed for pavement. The IQ technology will be coming to a trail-running shoe, the Timp IQ, this summer.
  • The Torin is made of quick-dry air mesh with a lower rubber sole

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