Not everybody has the funds to buy brand new gear. And to be honest, sometimes it’s just not worth it; buying used gear can be much more economical, and you some solid deals, and it’s better to reuse gear than just toss it, right? Patagonia, one of our favorite outdoors brands, gets this, and they’ve launched a new used gear store to help out: Patagonia Worn Wear.

Patagonia gear is already considered some of the highest-quality gear you’ll find, and even heavily used gear should still last quite some time. So we can guess you compare the Worn Wear shop to an online thrift shop dedicated to outdoor clothing. Among some of the deals you’ll find at the Worn Wear shop are used Synchilla Snap fleeces for $40, A Houdini Full Zip for $60, and a lightweight Capilene pullover for $60, along with hundreds of other pieces of used clothing, with tons of polos, henleys, snowpants, and vests, all in great condition, washed, and available for dirt cheap prices.

And if you’d like to participate, Patagonia will accept your used Patagonia gear at any retail store location, where they will give you store credit towards any Patagonia gear – whether brand new or from the Worn Wear. They’ve also supplied you with a Wear and Care section, which details all the care, maintenance and repairs you need to keep your current (or future) gear in shape and functional.

So whether you’re looking to save some cash on outdoor gear, or trade in your current setup, Patagonia Worn Wear is worth checking out.

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