Father’s Day is coming up, and if you’re looking to get Dad a drink something classic, timeless and delicious, grab him a bottle of EH Taylor Four Grain. Fine liquor, ale, or accessories are always a hit during the gift-giving season.

EH Taylor is an off-shoot of Buffalo Trace, inspired by the famed Colonel who set up shop on the banks of the Kentucky River in 1870. Four Grain is the 9th whiskey in the line since 2011, and perhaps the best. It’s made from the trademark bourbon recipe of corn, wheat, rye and malted barley, bottled-in-bond and has been aged 12 years at exactly 100 proof (a requirement of being Bottled-in-Bond).

The nose is light and fruity, with floral notes and hints of sweet berry, bubblegum and vanilla. Cherry, caramel and vanilla provide some strong flavor, with hints of oak and little bit of sweetness. The finish is strong with oak and rye, and round out the sweetness on the tongue.

For a limited-release, unique and not-ridiculously-overpriced bourbon, this is the stuff.



eh taylor four grain label