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e-Foiler Board by Jetfoiler: Surfboard Without The Surf

JetFoiler E-Foil Board Surfboard

“e-foil: a watercraft equipped with hydrofoils that uses electric motor or motors for propulsion.” Don Montague, creator. Marrying the principles behind a motorized surfboard and a hydrofoil board, the Jetfoiler is exactly what you may assume it might be. The Jetfoiler is a motorized hydrofoil board that hovers just above the water’s surface once enough speed is reached. This is the perfect transportation for those who are looking for the thrill of water-based board sports while minimizing the risk of getting wet. All it takes is a a waterway and then you are on your way.

The mechanics of the Jetfoiler are quite simple. There is a motor mounted on the hydrofoil which is located under the water. This motor allows riders to cruise at comfortable speeds right above the surface of the water. The faster you go, the higher the board rises. It’s also controlled via a handheld remote. The deck and the foil are made with the same high-end composites used in the construction of racing boats. The board is still under development so actual specs are limited. Check out more videos and photos on the Jetfoiler website.

This could be the next craze in water sports. Surfing without the surf!

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