We wrote about the Pico Model C a while back; an all-in-one home brewing device for beer that let you come up with your own favorite home brews with minimal effort and in a matter of hours. Few things compare to a fresh-brewed beer at the end of a long day on the trail, and the fresher, the better. But if you enjoy brewing more than just coffee, you may be in luck. It now appears that Pico has one-upped themselves, introducing the new Pico U, which brews beer, coffee, yerba-mate, kombucha, tea, and whatever else you might normally brew at home. All right on your countertop and with the press of a button.

To brew some beer, for example, just grab a PicoPak, which contains all the hops and yeasts you’ll need for a good pint (or several), pop it in and add some water and you’re on your way to fresh beer in a matter of hours; add another couple weeks to ferment and your homebrew is ready to pour.

For coffee, just add some freshly ground coffee and brew like you would any other coffee. That simple. And if you’d like to make anything else – iced horchata, kombucha, yerba mate – you can pick up PicoPak Mini recipe kits and be enjoying them in no time.

If it’s brewed, the Pico U can brew it. You can pick one up on Kickstarter for 10% off right now, and it will retail from $199 and up next Spring. Get one for your kitchen counter and enjoy fresh brews every day.

Pico U Brew 1 Pico U Brew 2 Pico U Brew 3 Pico-2-Home-Brew-3 Pico U Homebrewer Pico U Homebrewer Finished Drinks