Main features of the Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Launcher:

  • Lightweight and practical (only 33 pounds)
  • Convenient duffel-style design
  • Up to 144 balls per session
  • Adjustable frequency, height, and ball speed
  • Removable lithium-ion battery
  • Built-in USB cord for charging
  • Affordable price

Although tennis is an individualistic sport, it takes two to tango. You’ll need a partner and someone to return the shots if you want to have fun on the court. The same could be said about tennis practice sessions, but times have changed.

The best tennis ball launchers are portable and easy to use, allowing anyone to position their duffel-looking partner next to the serving line. For instance, the affordable Slinger Bag Launcher aims to become the number one option for recreation and professional players.

So, we had to see it in action, and here’s what we learned after a couple of sessions.


Even if you are a hard-core tennis enthusiast, you might not know about Slinger. After all, the brand appeared in 2019 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Customers received the first shipments of the Slinger Bag in January 2020.

So, how did this company take the world by storm? The secret lies in high-quality products, but an ambitious promotional campaign also played a part. For instance, Slinger’s ambassadors are famous tennis names like Tommy Haas, Patrick Mouratoglou, Nick Bollettieri, and Bob and Mike Bryan.

These legends helped spread the word and promote Slinger’s revolutionary product worldwide, despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19.


Tennis ball machines are ideal for improving your shots, sharpening reactions, and taking your game to the next level. Yet, finding the perfect tennis launcher can be tricky, given the abundance of options.

To avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a low-quality machine, consider the following elements before purchasing:


The first aspect to check would be the overall usability and the range of options. After all, top-rated tennis ball machines offer plenty of customizations and various options to adjust the ball’s trajectory. Some launchers come with remote controls, while others stick with old-fashioned knobs. So, check these aspects to find what suits your needs and preferences.


Hauling your rackets, balls, and other tennis gear can be frustrating, and no one needs another cumbersome product. Thus, look for lightweight tennis ball machines offering maximum maneuverability. Of course, the launcher should have durable wheels and sturdy handles, as the Slinger tennis ball machine perfectly illustrates.


Tennis has a reputation for being a rich man’s game, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Affordable tennis equipment is more accessible than ever, and even budget-friendly tennis ball machines are effective and long-lasting. So, buyers should browse reviews and compare several models to find the perfect tennis ball launcher for their budget.


As we mentioned, Slinger embarked on an aggressive media campaign to promote its product. But is the hype real? Can this low-cost tennis ball launcher compete with the top-rated tennis machines?

From what we’ve seen after spending a few days with the Slinger, it can. Tennis lovers worldwide could benefit from this bag because it comes in a convenient, innovative package. In addition, Slinger offers excellent customer support and focuses on creating a community of tennis enthusiasts to create a better tennis experience for everyone.


We liked many Slinger bag features, but the mobility and maneuverability exceeded every expectation. Namely, this easy-to-use tennis ball launcher weighs 33 pounds, but the duffel bag design allows effortless movement and transport.

Of course, the sturdy luggage wheels handle any terrain without problems, while the dependable handle features a telescopic mechanism. Thus, you can bring the Slinger bag onto the court without feeling almost any weight because this launcher acts like a classic luggage suitcase.

The Slinger bag has a durable lithium-ion battery and the option to remove it for effortless charging. Plus, the smart-charging system will protect the cell from overcharging.


Another area where the Slinger ball launcher earns top points is the functionality. This intuitive unit offers several customization options, allowing you to adjust the ball’s speed and frequency.

Of course, speed changes will affect the ball’s trajectory, but Slinger offers oscillator and angle adjustment options as separate purchases. Thus, you can set the ball’s height and other features by turning the knobs ‘hidden’ behind the lower compartment.

Even though the Slinger ball launcher offers those adjustability options, we noticed that almost all balls arrive at you with heavy topspin. So, if you want to practice your long-range shots from the baseline but can’t find a partner, the Slinger’s got you covered.


Regarding compartments, we should mention that the Slinger tennis ball launcher offers plenty of storage options. Notably, you get a spacious loading area that holds up to 144 tennis balls. Therefore, Slinger should provide sufficient opportunities to work on your strokes without recharging.

Likewise, the Slinger bag offers ample space for storing your footwear, clothing, rackets, and other tennis gear or accessories. On top of that, you’ll get a built-in USB cable to charge your smartphone while the Slinger pops out balls one after the other.

Besides the oscillator, Slinger offers a telescopic ball collector tube for hassle-free ball collection. It weighs only 4.5 pounds, holds up to 20 tennis balls, and attaches to the Slinger bag with a secure hook.


Even the most dedicated coaches might tire after hitting hundreds of tennis balls, but the reliable Slinger bag has no such problems. Likewise, this tennis ball launcher will feed you with practice-perfect balls in any weather or time of day. It has a lightweight, portable body that will follow you anywhere.

If that’s not enough, we should mention that the Slinger bag ranks among the most affordable tennis ball launchers in 2022. So, you’re left with no excuses for not working on your forehands and backhands.