What’s to like about Phillips NeoPix Prime 2 Home Projector:

  • HD video: max resolution 1280×720
  • Vivid and rich colors: images up to 80 inches
  • Long-lasting LED light source
  • Versatile connectivity (USB, HDMI, MicroSD)
  • A 3.5 audio jack for headphones
  • Built-in Philips OS with a media player
  • Compact and cool-looking design

Investing in home entertainment is a wise move since the pandemic shows no signs of going away any time soon. So, staying inside and spending time with family and friends is the best we can do, with movies and TV shows providing plenty of joy and excitement.

We scoured the web to find the best home projector in 2022 and learned that Phillips NeoPix Prime 2 Home Projector offers top-level performances for a relatively affordable price. Thus, we tested it for a few days to see how it behaves in action. Here’s what we discovered.


Founded in Eindhoven in 1891, Philips is a famous Dutch brand with a global reach and a rich portfolio. What started as a small shop selling light bulbs now employs more than 80,000 people and has a presence on the New York Stock Exchange.

Of course, Philips would never reach those levels if it didn’t create innovative and attractive products. Also, the brand is famous for providing excellent customer service. As a result, millions worldwide use domestic appliances, healthcare products, lighting, video, or audio equipment with the familiar Phillips logo.


In the last few decades, home theater systems have evolved into convenient and affordable gadgets, offering a broad range of features for budget-friendly prices. However, not all home cinemas are the same, and buyers should consider the following aspects when looking for the best home projectors money can buy.


As we all know, modern home appliances are decreasing in size but growing in possibilities. That’s why your new home cinema should feature a compact and portable design, with a minimal number of buttons and switches. In other words, a sleek and elegant aesthetic is a must-have.


Of course, looks are not everything, and the best home projectors should combine attractive designs with powerful capabilities. Thus, look for models providing HD video with powerful LED light sources. Likewise, the best home cinema should offer seamless connectivity, so check the ports and connection types.


Last but not least, check the overall build quality to separate the best from the rest. After all, many home projectors come with flimsy plastics and low-power beams, resulting in a disappointing movie-watching experience. Also, since we often move the projectors around and use them for outdoor activities, it’s essential to find a durable and well-built device.


Now it’s high time to focus on the compact Philips NeoPix Prime 2 Home Projector. After all, the second generation of this innovative home theater system offers plenty of features and capabilities.

NeoPix Prime 2 follows the iconic Phillips philosophy with rounded shapes and elegant lines. As a result, this tiny metallic box will look great on any table in any home. The black panel on the front only holds the lens, while the rounded vents on the side provide more than enough air to cool the processor. In addition, the buttons on the top are easy to use and well-designed, allowing users to play the content without using the remote.


Regarding the buttons and usability, we should also mention that Phillips NeoPix Prime 2 Home Projector offers a super-easy setup. As expected, the device comes with the proprietary Phillips OS pre-installed. So, all you need to do is place the projector on a flat surface and plug it in.

Of course, the operating system also offers many options for adjusting and customizing the media playing process. Moreover, NeoPix Prime 2 has several pre-loaded apps, reducing the setup time and allowing you to jump straight into gaming or movie watching.


Admittedly, the second iteration of the well-received NeoPix Prime doesn’t provide ultra HD video and a 4K resolution. Instead, you get to enjoy Full HD video in 720p, which will meet most users’ needs.

Thanks to a light source that will last up to 30,000 hours, this home projector sends out an accurate and powerful beam to create fully immersive experiences. Even when placed less than 2 meters from a wall, NeoPix Prime 2 will project images and videos up to 80 inches wide.

The maximum resolution is 1280×720, with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 3000:1 contrast. All in all, you’ll have no complaints with picture quality while using Philips NeoPix Prime 2 Home Projector.


Like most modern home projectors, the advanced NeoPix Prime 2 offers many connection options. Namely, it supports wireless screen mirroring, but you can also use Bluetooth to connect external speakers. As expected, the high-quality sound will boost the experience.

We should also add that Philips NeoPix Prime 2 Home Projector features a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. In addition, this home cinema system will let you play media via USB, Micro SD, HDMI, or VGA channels. In short, Phillips NeoPix Prime 2 covers all bases and provides a full-blown movie-watching experience.


Overall, Phillips NeoPix Prime 2 Home Projector weighs only 2.69 pounds, making it one of the most compact models on the market. But, of course, there’s more to like about this projector, including the affordable price.

For around $300, you’ll get a portable projector with image corrections, automatic rotation, digital zoom, and excellent pre-loaded apps. Likewise, the package includes a cool-looking remote to help you control the projector effortlessly. Therefore, Philips NeoPix Prime 2 is worth the cash, and if you need a dependable home cinema, this model should be right up your alley.