When it comes to preparedness and daily activities, most people think a flashlight is all they need. However, headlamps are the most overlooked piece of gear which a person should possess. Headlights have evolved over the years. They are now much brighter, last longer, and feature many more options than ever before. But what most people buy today is still not what they should be buying. Most headlamps sold in retail are of the cheap disposable variety. These work for temporary needs, but they are not ideal for your long-term lighting needs. You will want a more reliable headlamp.

In this helpful blog post, you’ll discover why everyone needs a reliable headlamp. Even if you think you don’t need one, you’ll learn why you really do. You’ll discover 5 reasons why you need a reliable headlamp…and why you should get one right now!

1. Hands-free Illumination: Having a headlamp allows you to have two free hands for the task before you.

Did you know most flashlight companies will tell you their top-selling product is the headlamp? Most people don’t know that. Let’s admit it. We have all used the flashlight mode on our phone to try to find lost or dropped objects. We’ve even used our phones to generally light up an area (don’t count the classic “light sway” at your favorite concert). Sure, you can attach a small flashlight to the visor of your car or even the bill of your hat. But that is less than optimal. We think the number one benefit of a reliable headlamp is it gives your true hands-free illumination.

Think of all the situations where you need lighting but holding a flashlight leaves you with one hand for the task before you.

How many times have you said, “Hey, Bob. Would you please come hold the flashlight for me while I try to locate the problem.”

There is a reason why many surgeons have a small headlamp on during their surgeries! And we are glad for that. So pick up a high-quality headlamp, and see how much you use it–then wonder how you did without one.

2. Illumination where ever you look: Do you need a certain spot or area illuminated, just look in that direction.

A headlamp gives you illumination where ever you look. No more stumbling around in the dark while you sync a handheld flashlight with your point of vision. With an overhead ceiling light, you have the chance of your body casting a shadow on your work area. This isn’t so with a headlamp. Whether you are looking under the bed for that lost sock or looking in the ears of your child, the beam is “spot on” based on where your position your head. Imagine a headlamp as another set of eyes–only with super vision capabilities.

Headlamps are the most widely-used safety equipment in the world. And, it’s easy to see why. A headlamp lets you see where you’re going, without blinding you or others. Most have six brightness settings, and some even have spot or flood beams.

3. A Headlamp for all types of conditions: There are headlamps designed to withstand all types of environmental conditions.

Many manufacturers which produce high-quality headlamps have designed headlamps for specific industrial, hobby, or general-purpose needs. It isn’t uncommon for a person to have multiple headlamps based on their interests. For example, a hiker may select a headlamp which specifically has a long-distance beam and a flood beam. Then he/she may have a second headlamp for work conditions which require a dust proof and is intrinsically safe.

Headlamps come with features to handle rain/splashing as well as fully submersible. Another consideration in selecting the correct headlamp is the power source. You may ask what does power source have to do with the environment? Well, harsher weather conditions require different batteries. For example, a rechargeable lithium battery does not perform well in below freezing temperatures. So you would want to select headlamp that can operation on a non-rechargeable battery. Most manufacturers have designed headlamps for just about any environmental condition you may encounter. If you need assistance in selection the appropriate headlamp, seek guidance from the company representative. You surely don’t want to be in a dangerous situation and have your headlamp fail!

4. For all your daily activities and hobbies: There are headlamps for all your hobbies like spelunking, running, walking, hiking, reading, hunting, etc.

Not only are there headlamps for all environmental conditions, but also there are headlamps for all your hobbies. (Yes, for your job working conditions too) Let’s start with hunting. A hunter would require what kind of headlamp? A long beam distance, a wide beam spread, and colored LEDs for blood tracking, etc.

Is running your passion? You need a forward throw beam and a compact, lightweight headlamp. We could go on and on with all the specifications for headlamps, but we think you get the idea. LEDs come in different types. Manufacturers select the brilliance and cadence to meet the needs of hobbyists: photographers, spelunkers, walkers, hikers, readers, etc.

5. Emergency preparedness: When emergencies arise, a reliable headlamp could be a lifesaver.

A reliable headlamp could be a lifesaver. During a power outage or when you are repairing something under the hood of your car, a reliable headlamp is extremely important. It could be the difference between your making it home safely and having to spend the night in your car or waiting for daylight. 

A new study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that 72% of all drowning deaths occur at night. That’s why it is so important to wear a high-quality, bright, waterproof, and compact headlamp while you are boating. You should carry one with you at all times when you are out on the water. It could literally save your life.

Do you need a reliable headlamp for emergency situations? Consider an LED tactical headlamps which has both night vision and regular flashlights. They are ideal for search and rescue missions, bug out bags, patrol/guard duties, etc.

When selecting a headlamp for emergency situations, you need to select one that has the appropriate LED as well as one with a long run time.

For example, a headlamp for your bug-out bag would be one that runs on NON-RECHARGEABLE batteries. It should also have a low setting that gives you many hours of run time. In the middle of an emergency, you will be glad you paid a premium price for a high-quality headlamp. Reliability normally comes with a price.

In Conclusion

We would hope you now see the need for owning a headlamp. The uses are almost unlimited! We recommend you find a manufacturer that has headlamps designed for your specific need. Those manufacturers have usually put their products to the test in each situation. Will you pay more for those headlamps? Yes, but in the middle of your employment, hobby, or emergency situation, you will be glad you passed on that steak and spent the money on a headlamp that isn’t likely to let you down.