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SABRE Frontiersman Food Storage Container: A Bear-Safe Canister

Main features of SABRE Frontiersman Bear-Safe Canister:

  • Durable polypropylene body

  • Sleek tapered shape

  • Ideal packability and load distribution

  • 734 cubic inches of storage space

  • Airtight and watertight seal

  • 3x solid screws for closing

Camping trips are all fun and games until a bear picks up the smell of food and decides to visit. Coyotes, foxes or wolves can also cause problems and even inflict life-threatening injuries. For that reason, an airtight food container is a must-have.

Many campsites have them pre-installed, but if you are going somewhere off the map, consider bringing along something like SABRE Frontiersman.

This bright-colored plastic cone can make the difference between life and death, so lets check out its features.

Lots of Storage Space

In case you are not familiar with the name, we should first say that SABRE Bear-Safe Canister comes with a long-lasting presence in the business. This company has been around for more than 45 years. So, its not surprising to see top-drawer products coming out of its facilities.


For instance, the exquisite Frontiersman is a bear-safe canister that can hold plenty of food. To be precise, the volume of 734.64 cubic inches (11.86 liters) will be at your disposal. Therefore, you can bring more than enough food for a 3-day camping trip or a multi-day hike.

Tight Seal and Odor-Prevention

SABRE Frontiersman Food Storage Container provides ample storage space, but its crucial quality lies in the super-tight seal. In other words, this canister comes equipped with airtight gaskets, preventing the release of food odors.

Of course, the tight-fitting locking lid will also help with keeping your food fresh for days. You can have complete peace of mind next time you go camping with friends or family. Best of all, 3x rugged screws will keep the lid closed no matter what.

Convenient Shape

Speaking of opening the Bear-Safe Canister, we should mention that bears cannot grab a firm hold of the Frontiersman, thanks to the no-ridges design. Theres nothing for bears to catch onto because this sleek canister features an almost tubular shape. Of course, it helps that the screws are durable as well.

Another positive effect of the tapered shape is packability. SABRE Frontiersman can fit into 45L or larger backpacks with ease, offering excellent load distribution. So, you can load it with food or other essentials without fears that an uneven load will hurt your back during extended hikes. With a weight of only 3 pounds, Frontiersman is one of the lightest bear-safe food canisters on the market.

Is It Worth It?

If you enjoy spending time in nature, you should be adequately prepared. Why risk the safety of your loved ones when an inexpensive bear-safe container is within reach? By storing your food supply in the spacious SABRE Frontiersman, youll receive ultimate protection and peace of mind.

This sturdy canister features a tight lid together with a resilient, polypropylene body. Bears or other animals will quickly give up when they see Frontiersman cannot be opened without a coin, knife, or screwdriver.

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