The World’s Simplest Barbecue would probably just be hanging a spit over a fire. But the World’s Easiest Barbecue Smoker might just be SmokeMiester, the stainless-steel portable-esque backyard smoker from Snow Peak.

SmokeMiester-2Born over 8,000 feet in the mountains of Japan, Snow Peak makes top-quality outdoor goods an an precision-machined metalworks. Utterly simple in design, their Smokemiester is a sleek stainless steel cylinder…similar in design to a miniature drum smoker.

Drum smokers are known for their even, consistent heating; you build a fire on the bottom and the heat rises, turning over itself inside the cylinder like a convection oven. Place your choice of meat – brisket, pork, chicken ribs…whatever you like – on the grates that sit inside and let the smoky flavor and rising heat cook it to perfection.

Simple, but not without all manufacturing details and such you could possibly need. The airtight lid is adjustable, allowing you to easily control circulation and ventilation and fine-tune that fire size. The rack system is removable, too, so you can choose the perfect height and position for perfect smoked meats.

Due to its compact size, you won’t be smoking a barbecue joint’s worth of brisket. But at 11 pounds, it’s a heck of a lot lighter than your average barrel smoker. If you’re into straight-up, no-frills backyard barbecue but prefer a sleeker look and build, the SmokeMiester may deserve a spot on your back deck.

Buy - $245.00