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Beefer Is The Dedicated, 1500-Degree Grill Made Just For Beef

beefer 1500-degree grill

Wow! We’’re no stranger to legit grills. Ones that cost a LOT more than the Beefer, too. But grills as epic and as powerful as this thing are few and far between. The Beefer a stainless-steel, Made-in-Germany beast of a grill/oven/legit tank that reaches 1500 degrees. The result? Some of the BEST steaks and burgers you’ve ever seen and tasted.

Top Down High Heat Ceramic Burner

The Beefer’s power comes courtesy of a ceramic infrared burner, powered by propane and capable of reaching an infernal 1500 degrees. The heat comes from above the food, so it’s more like a broiler and can accomplish the perfect sear and crunchy-brown caramelization – literally within seconds.

Beefer 1500-Degree Grill

Does that sound over the top? Maybe a little, but that’s really how steaks and burgers are opposed to be cooked; seared instantly over high heat, trapping in the fatty juices and allowing the middle to stay that perfect medium-rare you just go gaga over. The insane high heat also eliminates the “boiling” effect, where the meat kind of cooks in its own steam – which reduces the meat’s potential crunchiness and crispiness on the exterior.

Beefer: Made in Germany

Constructed from premium stainless steel and made with care in Germany, the Beefer is a high-end, precision machine. One that’s easy to use, easy to clean, and does a decent job at holding and radiating temperature for even cooking throughout. It certainly won’t do any good for low-and-slow cooking, but it might just be the all-in-one grilling-and-searing beast to take your meats to the next level. And while it’s expensive, it’s not like you’re splurging on a $5000 grill.

(Despite the name…you can use it for seafood, too).

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