Saddleback Wallet Sleeve 2.0 Minimalist Wallet

The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet? Saddleback Leather Wallet Sleeve

I’ve been rocking this ridiculously simple wallet sleeve from Saddleback Leather for more than 6 years now, and there's no turning back.

Bexar Goods 3 Items

Bexar Goods Gear We Want (Or:The Satchel Indiana Jones Would Wear)

Bexar Goods leather goods are so good, we think Indiana Jones we would their Porter Satchel. Here are 3 leather items of their's we want to try.

Best EDC Belts 2019

Best EDC Belts For 2019: CCW, Tactical and More

Whatever your personal definition of EDC, we can all agree that being geared up is important. For many of us, that means having a good EDC belt, too.

Lum-Tec M72 Watch

Lum-Tec Creates Snazzy Watches Right Here In America

Top-notch watches assembled in the USA from top-quality pieces both American and Japanese? Grab a Lum-Tec and add it to your growing watch collection.

Rhodia Notebooks

Old-Timey, Orange-Covered Rhodia Notebooks Look Worth Investing In

A good notebook is a treasure, and we’re not talking about $3 disposable notebooks. We're talking about hardcovered, French-made Rhodia notebooks.

Tanner Goods Leather Goods

Tanner Goods Makes Classic Leather Gear Built For Life

Tanner Goods’ lineup includes everything from handcrafted valet trays to rugged utility belts, all made from premium leather and top-notch craftsmanship.

Triwa Loch Falken Watch

Triwa Makes Some Pretty Epic (and Good Looking. And Affordable) Swedish Watches

Good watches can come from all over, and Stockholm-based Triwa is proof.

Wee Lug MK2

The Trakke Wee Lug Is A Scottish-Designed, Waterproof Cycling Bag

Waterproof waxed canvas. Classic Style. Handmade in Scotland. Messenger bags don't get much better than Trakke's Wee Lug MK2.

AVI-8 Hawker Harrier 2

We Love This Pilot’s Watch: AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II

Give your EDC kit a little vintage aviator's flair with AVI-8's Hawker Harrier II Turbine, with split-time chronograph and turbine-inspired steel case.


Fielder’s Choice Wallets Are Made From Old Baseball Gloves

Fielder's Choice wallets and card sleeves are handcrafted and sewn from vintage basebal wallets, each celebrating the tradition of American baseball.