Main features of The James Brand Redstone pocket knife:

  • Compact, ultra-lightweight design
  • Climbing-inspired ‘islands’ on the handle
  • Durable Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel
  • A sturdy one-piece chassis
  • Innovative bent-wire clip for extra convenience
  • Included paracord lanyard

A capable pocket knife is a must-have item for any outdoorsy person, but if you are new to the game, it could be tricky to choose. After all, the market offers thousands of options, with new outdoor pocket knives coming out as we speak.

Then again, exclusive models like the cool-looking James Brand Redstone pocket knife should meet most users’ needs. Although this pocket rocket looks tiny, it can pack a punch, and it will surprise you with its handling and cutting performance.

So, here’s what we learned about the Redstone after seeing how it behaves in action.


The James Brand comes from Portland, Oregon, and this authentic American brand stepped onto the scene in 2012. Besides high-quality pocket knives like the Redstone, the James Brand also designs multitools, carabiners, EDC pens, bottle openers, and chef’s knives. Of course, other merch is also on the menu.

Even though the company’s headquarters are in Oregon, The James Brand manufactures most of its products in China. The Redstone series is no exception, but the common ground for all James Brand items is top-level quality and attention to detail.


Pocket knives have been around for centuries, evolving and adapting to suit various owners’ needs. As a result, finding the perfect model is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Nevertheless, the mission is not impossible, and you can separate the best outdoor pocket knives from the rest by considering the following elements:


It’s no secret that pocket knives and multitools are among the most useful items known to humankind, but this only works if you find a well-built, durable product. Thus, check if your new knife has a balanced body, sturdy chassis, and a sharp blade. Opening and closing should be a breeze, without squeaky sounds.


As we said, pocket knives are versatile and flexible. The blades can be fully serrated, partially serrated, or plain. Likewise, the blade length can vary, with the same applying to the handle. So, to find the ideal model, buyers must check the dimensions chart before purchasing.


The best pocket knife is the one you have on you in times of need. Simply put, even the most expensive blade will be worthless if it doesn’t fit into your glove box, EDC pouch, or camping backpack. Besides portability, consider the overall functionality to find an easy-to-use knife.


Last but not least, consider the price because this aspect also plays a role in finding a quality pocket knife. Even though many budget-friendly EDC knives offer excellent performances, the pricier models could take your outdoor readiness to the next level. So, compare several pocket knives to see which offer the best price-to-value ratio.


Unlike most outdoor knives, the Redstone doesn’t pretend to be a badass blade that could help you take down a grown bear. Instead, this purpose-built pocket knife focuses on utility and convenience, excelling at day-to-day tasks.

On the other hand, The James Brand Redstone Exclusive, developed in collaboration with Huckberry, is a wild-looking model that any EDC enthusiast would love to have in the backpack. It has a 2.5-inch drop-point blade and a compact body, promising to withstand years of wear and tear.


When you first grab the Redstone, you’ll notice how comfortable and sturdy the knife feels. The secret lies in the one-piece chassis and the climbing-inspired ‘islands’ on the handle.

Namely, the renowned photographer/climber Savannah Cummins played a massive role in designing this model. The islands are reminiscent of the climbing holds, providing a superior grip and a confidence-inspiring hold. Best of all, these details give the Redstone knife a unique look.


The attractive design is only one side of the story, and The James Brand Redstone knife excels in many other aspects. For instance, the razor-sharp Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade is partially serrated to handle more demanding cutting tasks. Even so, the blade will hold the edge for years.

As we said, this folding knife features a unibody die-stamped design, with the steel also going through the handle. The TJB slide-lock mechanism offers a secure lock-up, allowing for effortless, one-handed use.

In addition, The James Brand opted for high-quality polypropylene for the islands on the handle. They also added subtle texturing to improve grip and overall comfort.


The James Brand Redstone is a cool-looking folding knife for modern problem solvers and adventure inclined. So, if you enjoy hiking, climbing, camping, or hunting, this handy blade will handle most tasks without problems.

For instance, the sharp drop-point blade can pierce, cut, or slice, while the serrated part will cut through rope or tiny branches. The Redstone doesn’t focus on one task, opting to be a do-it-all pocket knife.

Another area where this model earns top marks is usability, given that The James Brand Redstone features an ultra-light yet dependable bent-wire clip for easy carrying. Speaking of carrying and mobility, we should also mention the included lanyard paracord. Many climbers and hikers will appreciate this detail because it will allow them to attach the Redstone to a daypack.


The Huckberry bead on the lanyard tells you that this Exclusive model is not like the rest. Then again, the Redstone series never intended to follow the well-traversed road, choosing the road less traveled at every opportunity.

In other words, The James Brand Redstone pocket knife stands apart from other folding knives with its exciting aesthetic and excellent cutting performance. So, it’s not surprising that it often ranks among the best outdoor pocket knives under $100.