Main features of the Uncharted Supply Park Pack:

  • Waterproof 600D Tarpaulin shell
  • Sturdy, water-resistant YKK zippers
  • 175 cubic inches of volume (2.8 liters of storage)
  • Compact and travel-friendly shape
  • Adjustable MOLLE straps
  • First aid kit sold separately

We’ll admit that the polyester fanny packs from the 90s were lame, but the reinvented waist packs are back in style, better than ever. So, if you want to join the cool kids and celebrities, it’s high time you find an eye-catching, hip-placed gear hauler.

For instance, the innovative Park Pack from Uncharted Supply could be the ideal option for adventure-inclined, given that this model combines practical design with an attractive aesthetic. Best of all, it comes at a reasonable price.

Sounds impressive? That’s because it is, and here’s why.


We should first say a few words about the brand for those unfamiliar with Uncharted Supply. After all, this Utah-based company appeared in 2016, making it a relatively young American brand.

Founded by Christian Schauf, the Uncharted Supply Company primarily focuses on preparedness and survivalism, manufacturing top-notch survival kits and EDC pouches. In essence, Uncharted Supply strives to provide products that will help you efficiently deal with disasters and unexpected situations.


Hip packs come in many shapes and sizes and hide under many names, including fanny packs, bum bags, etc. Therefore, finding the ideal model for your needs and preferences can be tricky.

Yet, experts agree that the best course of action is to consider the following elements before purchasing. After that, you’ll get a clear picture and separate the top-rated hip packs from the rest.


The first aspect to check would be the overall volume because your new waist bag should help you ditch the backpack while offering enough room to carry the essentials. So, striking the sweet spot is essential. For instance, the Park Pack from Uncharted Supply is a medium-volume option with 2.8 liters of storage space.


We mentioned the flimsy polyester fanny packs and how these bags ruled the 1980s and 90s. Unfortunately, these models are still out there, and if you want to avoid them—examine the materials and fabrics to find a well-built hip pack. Likewise, sturdy zippers and durable lining are crucial, so look into these elements as well.


Hip packs are among the most flexible and versatile accessories an outdoor enthusiast can buy. Of course, this statement is only valid if you buy a practical hip bag with easy-to-access pockets and secure zippers. In addition, check if the pack provides options for attaching extra gear and equipment, such as jackets and water bottles.


Finally, we must mention the price, even though most hip packs are relatively affordable and accessible. Nonetheless, some models are pricier than others, and you could pay much more than necessary. So, the trick is to compare several models and find the ones that provide the best bang for your buck.


The travel-ready Uncharted Supply Park Pack is a modern take on the classic waist-positioned gear haulers. Thus, this product could be a worthwhile investment for bikers, hunters, hikers, and campers. Best of all, this budget-friendly hip pack will not burn a massive hole through your wallet.

We tested it in various settings to see how it behaves in action, and here’s what we learned.


The first thing we noticed about the Uncharted Supply Park Pack is the overall sturdiness and excellent craftsmanship. After all, the company manufactures its products in the US without compromising on materials and components.

For instance, Uncharted Supply Company opted for the reliable 600D tarpaulin in combination with the water-resistant 210D nylon lining. The best-in-class YKK zippers also protect against water. Therefore, you can use this fanny pack in almost any weather, rain or shine.

Uncharted Supply offers this hip pack in three colors (olive, black, and gunmetal), but the materials never change regardless of which color you choose.


The Uncharted Supply Park Pack shows how bum bags can be helpful on many occasions, not only during MTB rides. For example, this hip pack will provide hydration while offering secure storage for your essentials or EDC equipment.

Of course, everything starts with the wide-mouth opening on the central compartment. This element will give you effortless access to anything stored inside the Park Pack. Remember, this model offers 2.8 liters of water-protected storage.

Another noteworthy delta would be the MOLLE attachment points because these straps let you detach both water holders and connect alternative add-ons. In other words, you can attach fishing nets or bear sprays instead of water bottles.


If you’ve ever used a traditional hip pack while running or hiking, you’ll know how bouncy and uncomfortable these gear haulers can get. Moreover, the continuous movement could bring your shorts down or leave marks on the skin.

So, you’ll be glad to hear that Uncharted Supply Park Pack deals with this issue remarkably. Namely, the practical design allows this pack to contour the body, providing a snug fit at all times.

The twin bottle containers on each side will give balance, while the contoured lumbar support reduces pain or discomfort. Of course, the adjustable belt is the last piece of the puzzle, allowing you to tighten everything and keep the load in place while exploring the outdoors.


Uncharted Supply offers the Part Pack with or without a triage kit, but we recommend adding the first-aid package. This element will take your survivalist game to the next level, preparing you for emergencies and accidents.

But even if you opt for the pack-only option, the versatile Uncharted Supply Park Pack will be a worthwhile investment. After all, only a handful of hip packs are as comfortable, practical, and durable as the Park Pack.