For some reason, moccasins often have the connotation of being cheap, casual footwear – something kids wear, or you wear as slippers. But we don’t think that’s fair – and neither does Yuketen, who makes these totally-rugged, beautiful American-Made moccasins. Crafted from full-grain, roughout, Horween leather – that’s technical for tough-as-nails, high-quality stuff – these Yuketen Ox Moc combine the best of old-fashioned, time-tested craftsmanship with a bit of modern flair and style.

The two-piece leather upper is built to minimize potential stress points and being made of full-grain leather means it really is as tough as we say. It’s built on Yuketen’s own custom last, which has been made to mimic the natural shape of your feet. The sole is made from a natural rubber and rice straw, which gives it some And they’ve got leather insoles with memory-foam cushion, ensuring you can stand on your feet comfortable, all day long. There’s a steel shank for extra support, and the stitchdown construction means you can resole them when the originals wear out – ensuring these mocs stay functional for years to come. And we really believe they will last that long – the entire shoe is handcrafted and hand-sewn right here in the USA, at Yuketen’s Maine factory.

Yuketen makes a lot more than just moccasins, but these are a pair you can finally feel good about wearing for a lot more than just lounging around the house; they look sharp with any outfit.  Try some out for yourself.

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