Want to track your daily activity and fitness, without a Fitbit or smartwatch? The Smartbuckle attaches to any 20mm watchband, converting the accessory on your wrist into a fully-functioning smartwatch that doesn’t disrupt the classy looks of your outfit.

The Smartbuckle’s main draw is an activity tracker, with a 3-axis gyro that measures angular velocity, and motion sensors that precisely calculate steps, pace, distance, calories burned, and sleep patterns. It connects to your Smartphone, where the app lets you keep an eye on your daily, weekly, monthly activity, and sleep data,  and also integrates seamlessly with Apple Health and Google Fit. The proprietary algorithm also tracks your activity accurately whether you’re holding your phone, have it in your pocket or are running – something other smart watches and activity trackers have trouble with.

It’s made with a quality stainless steel that blends in perfectly with your favorite trusty dress watch,  and is water and dust resistant. It also comes with it’s own charging dock, with both built-in magnetic charging ports and USB.

The Smart Buckle is available via Kickstarter campaign, and ships August 2017.


Smart Buckle Close Up Smart Buckle Close Up Smart Buckle in Use Smartbuckle in action