With a top speed of 22 miles an hour, 14-mile maximum range and sweet new composite deck, the Boosted Plus is the new-for-2018, made-over rendition of the Boosted, which was one of the original electric skateboards on the market. Every component has been remastered and re-engineered for better performance. The new 38” longboard deck is “Super Flex” composite, which gives it the feel, flex and response of a traditional longboard deck, while being even stronger than before, and boasting even better vibration dampening. It’s a poplar core surrounded by high-density foam, with fiberglass and a polymer sidewall. Combined, these layers all make for a springy, flexible and extremely durable board.

The wheels are Boosted Stratus 85mm wheels, which have the highest roll speed of any of Boosted Board so far, with some good grip and some good roll. The brakes are regenerative, too, charging the battery while giving you a smooth stopping and precise handling and cornering. And, designed in San Francisco, they built it to handle even the steepest of hills with ease, up to a 25% grade. The machined trucks have been redone and strengthened at all the stress points, while the new brushless DC motor belt drive system is able to amplify the power the motor puts out, increasing it by 3x. And there’s 2 motors.

The Boosted is controlled by an ergonomic wireless remote that you literally hold in your hand and control the ride with. There’s are 4 different ride modes, each of which includes a Jerk Filter™ to get you a smooth taper when accelerating or braking.

The Boosted Plus is one sweet, electric longboard., that certainly makes a sweet way to get about town. We’d love to take it for a spin, and bet you would too.

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