What’s to like about the Seager Longhorn Ivory Straw Hat:

  • A Classic 20th-century cowboy hat design
  • Ivory ventilated straw
  • Gold-inked brown Drilex interior sweatband
  • A handy 4-inch brim with western flange
  • A two-cord ribbon hat band
  • Durable and long-lasting materials
  • Lightweight and breathable

Even if Western wear is not your thing, you can’t deny the elegance and convenience of cowboy straw hats. These universal accessories are ideal for sun-soaked activities from farming and ranching to lounging by the pool.

But, of course, we are not talking about buying just any hat. Instead, we recommend opting for the best cowboy hats money can buy, and the cool-looking Seager Longhorn Ivory Straw Hat consistently ranks among the elite.

So, let’s check it out and see how it behaves under the scorching sun.


We should first say a couple of words about Seager for those unfamiliar with the brand. After all, this American company stepped onto the scene in 2015 after a group of friends joined forces to create retro-looking products.

Of course, the aesthetic revolves around the Old West, and besides traditional headwear, Seager also manufactures tents, bags, t-shirts, and hoodies. Most importantly, the brand doesn’t compromise on quality.


The chances are you also hate compromising on clothes’ quality. We all want to get our money’s worth, and that’s why doing some research before purchasing is a wise choice.

For instance, if you want a top-rated cowboy hat for the summer, consider the following elements before purchasing:


The hats from the American frontier evolved throughout the years, giving birth to many styles and hat types. Thus, compare various models to find the ideal cowboy hat for your needs and preferences. The most popular styles are Cattleman, Nevada, Dakota, and Pinch Front. Each offers specific benefits, so don’t rush the decision.


The aesthetic aspects shouldn’t take precedence over durability and functionality. So, check if the hat features high-quality materials and fabrics. Likewise, see if the overall structure feels sturdy and keeps its shape. Cowboy hats were all about handling wear and tear of everyday use while providing sun protection, so don’t settle for less.


The renewed interest in Western wear and Americana has resulted in many hat-making companies. Yet, not all use quality components when manufacturing cowboy-inspired straw headwear. For that reason, look for models featuring ivory straw and other durable materials.


Wearing a cowboy hat is a bold statement, and if you want it to work – go for the best! Of course, this decision entails buying a more expensive hat, but even the priciest straw hats will not send you to bankruptcy. Then again, it wouldn’t hurt to compare several models and find the ones offering the best price-to-value ratio. After that, you’ll be ready to ride down the ole town road. Yeehaw!


Unless you come from the southwestern parts of the US, cowboy hats are not your everyday accessories. So, you’ll be glad to hear that Seager Longhorn goes with almost anything, creating a laid-back vibe and an effortless style.

The secret lies in Seager’s collaboration with Stetson, the legendary hat-making company that produced the iconic ‘Boss of the Plains.’ Since the Longhorn straw hat resulted from this partnership, it’s not surprising it has a traditional shape and the best craftsmanship.

As far as wide-brimmed headwear goes, the Longhorn straw hat from Seager is the real deal.


Many say that cowboy hats are popular again, but we say they never went out of style. Even though many variations of sombreros and stetsons appear in popular culture and on the streets, the classic shapes are here to stay.

The vintage-looking Seager Longhorn Ivory Straw Hat follows the well-trodden path and the centuries-long tradition. Namely, it comes with dents in the crown and a 4-inch brim with a western flange.

The timeless design will complement any summer outfit, and the wide brim will provide excellent protection from the sun. After all, quality never goes out of style.


Rugged and hard-wearing cowboy hats might feature buckskin or fur felt, but a modern summer hat requires breathable and lightweight fabrics. Many manufacturers opt for palm straw, but Seager chose the durable ivory ventilated straw.

This material makes the hat’s weight almost unnoticeable, and you’ll often forget you’re wearing the Longhorn ivory straw hat.

In addition, it comes with the advanced Drilex technology for sweat regulation and moisture-wicking properties. Notably, the brown sweatband with gold ink offers maximum comfort and softness while keeping the sweat away from the forehead and eyes. In addition, this element carries the Seager logo.


Since we mentioned the company’s logo, we should also add that the custom horseshoe pin encapsulates what this brand is about. Seager Longhorn ivory straw hat comes with a two-cord ribbon band and a tiny horseshoe on the side.

On the other hand, this aesthetic detail doesn’t affect the comfort and breathability you’ll experience while wearing this hat. Nor should it do anything since there’s almost no room for improvement. The Longhorn model will sit tight on the head as long as you pick the appropriate size.

Although straw hats are not the softest compared to fur felt or buckskin models, the Longhorn hat will not cause discomfort or scratch your head. Most importantly, the efficient ventilated ivory straw provides ample airflow and cools your scalp while spending time outdoors during the warmer days.


The Longhorn ivory straw hat from Seager will set you back $120, ranking it among the more expensive straw hats in 2022. And yet, Seager collaborated with Stetson to raise their game to the next level, and so should you.

This summer-ready cowboy hat will impress anyone regardless of where the adventure takes you. So, it’s time to kill two birds with one stone: add flair to your style and protect the head from the heat.