What’s to like about Seager Co western wear:

  • Durable, hard-wearing garments
  • Timeless, cowboy-inspired aesthetics
  • Exciting collabs and partnerships
  • A rich portfolio of products
  • Vintage T-shirts and hoodies

Finding a contemporary lifestyle brand that focuses on Western Wear can be tricky, but we found one. Like a lonely rider, Seager Co follows a unique path, bringing back the good old days.

We checked Seager’s portfolio to see what they offer, but we also tested and reviewed some of the company’s best-selling products. So, let’s take a trip to the Old West.


Many fashion experts claim that the comeback of Western wear is a fad, while others believe that a western-inspired look is here to stay. We say that utilitarian designs and build quality never go out of style, and the boys at Seager share the same ideas.

In other words, this relatively young company focuses on hard-wearing garments that will stand the test of time. Everyone can benefit from Seager’s hats, caps, tees, and accessories—from rodeo riders and ranchers to campers and anglers.

Of course, Seager Co is more than a clothing company. This brand also sells excellent outdoor gear, including tents, duffel bags, and backpacks. If you want to go off-grid and explore the great outdoors, Seager’s got you covered!


The renaissance of cowboy-inspired clothing started a couple of decades ago. Ralph Lauren and other fashion brands looked west for inspiration, and many celebs followed the same path.

These days, pop culture icons and many others embrace the spirit of the old West by opting for easy-to-wear classic cowboy garments. Of course, that’s where Seager Co steps onto the scene because this brand offers plenty of modern-day variations to the western theme.

In addition, Seager prepares podcasts and other content to promote the outdoorsy lifestyle and make people fall in love with nature and adventure. Most importantly, Seager Co manufactures stylish, cool-looking pieces for the urban cowboy.


We mentioned that Seager Co is a young company, but we should clarify that it appeared only seven years ago. Founded in 2015 by four longtime friends (Elliot Shaw, Mattson Smith, Case Anderson, and Calvin Muusse), the company continues to grow and expand.

The company’s HQ is in Pennsylvania, but the co-founders do everything except sit in their offices. Instead, their restless spirits force them to go outside and explore new terrains while wearing Seager clothing and testing new products.


Since we mentioned Seager’s products, it’s time to check what the catalog offers. Seager’s homepage divides the products into several sections: gear, headwear, tees, and bags. Thus, visitors can effortlessly navigate to each category and explore the items.

Of course, Seager’s website also features a webshop where you can browse the complete selection. Each product has pictures, detailed descriptions, and several color options.

Overall, the shopping experience is up there with the best, and we also liked that Seager offers a ‘military discount’ for former and current US Military members. The offer extends to their spouses and dependents. In addition, the discount is available to law enforcement and first responders.


While going through Seager’s catalog, several tees and hoodies caught our eye. For instance, the classy Fishing Club Tee features 100% cotton and ink prints that will get you hooked.

The same goes for the Colorado Kool-Aid Tee in vintage white—an everyday garment providing maximum comfort and breathability. On the other hand, the durable Bison Shorts in Coyote Brown earn top points for practicality and hard-wearing usability.

Seager Co uses top-quality materials and fabrics, and you’ll notice the difference after a single camping trip or a hiking expedition. Flexible yet rugged, these garments are ideal for active men looking for comfortable workwear and day-to-day clothing.


Modern cowboys also need to protect their scalp from sun and rain, and wide-brimmed hats still reign supreme in this segment. For that reason, Seager Co offers an assortment of cowboy hats, beanies, and snapback caps.

Moreover, Seager collaborated with Stetson to create the famous Longhorn series. For instance, you can’t go wrong with a classic Longhorn 4X Hat in Black or Silver because they feature the recognizable Seager red liner, a custom horseshoe pin, and high-quality wool felt.

The ventilated 4-inch Longhorn Ivory Straw Hat could be a worthwhile investment if you need a stylish cowboy hat for summer. This model also comes with the horseshoe pin, but in addition, it has a Drilex sweatband for moisture-wicking qualities.


Even though Seager Co primarily sells cowboy hats and utilitarian tees, we also found plenty of exciting accessories in the company’s shop. For example, Seager knows that poker is synonymous with the Wild West, and that’s why they offer vintage-looking Hold ‘Em playing cards.

Seager’s portfolio also includes heavy-duty metal bottle openers with an antique, rugged look and feel. Since we mentioned drinking, the travel-friendly Carabiner Camp Mug will let you sip on your favorite beverage anytime, anywhere. It features double-insulated walls and a convenient carabiner handle for hassle-free carrying.

Another of Seager’s strong points is attention to detail, and their Good Luck Pin illustrates this aspect. So, if you like Seager Co and want to show appreciation, this anti-brass pin with an embossed logo will do the trick.


After looking at everything Seager Co has on its online shelves, we believe that a bright future awaits this brand. Although Seager draws inspiration from the past, the combination of quality materials and top-drawer American craftsmanship makes it more than a heritage brand.

More importantly, Seager Co’s products are reasonably priced and worth every penny. We mentioned how the company focuses on every detail, something you would expect from an old-style American clothing brand.

After all, Seager claims to be inspired by the ruggedness and grit of the old West. What more could you need?