What’s to like about Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next Running Shoe:

  • Nike React technology
  • Flyknit upper with reinforced zones
  • Carbon composite plate
  • Self-contained Zoom Air Pods
  • Asymmetrical lacing
  • Excellent grip on any surface


As we all know, Nike stands at the pinnacle of evolution regarding running gear and equipment. Nonetheless, this global company is not resting on its laurels. On the contrary, it’s continuously improving its products through innovation and technological advancements.

Well, one of the newest additions to Nike’s fleet of running shoes is the Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next Running Shoe. As expected, the new model is already turning heads, so we had to test these shoes and see what all the fuss is about. Here’s what we learned.

Durability and comfort

The Zoom series is famous across the globe, and for a good reason. These running shoes offer unmatched performances and record-breaking speed. On top of that, Nike shoes are durable and long-lasting, which means that they can survive plenty of wear and tear.

Of course, the Tempo is a model that continues down the well-trodden path. Synthetic materials on the front offer excellent breathability, but they also hug the foot and keep it in place at all times. The translucent Flyknit upper comes with reinforced zones and asymmetrical lacing that is both attractive and functional.

Eye-catching design

Speaking of aesthetics, we must mention that Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next is not for those who shy away from attention. In other words, these running shoes will stand out in the crowd, and they could cause a bit of jealousy as well.

Design-wise, the Tempo bridges the gap between a shoe built for racing and everyday training. The foam in the footbed and Zoom AirPods in the forefoot will add bounce to your stride. Also, they will provide significant ground clearance. An oversized Nike logo on the side will tell everyone that you are intent on breaking your PB and beat the competition.

Innovative technology

Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next comes packed with useful elements, but the secret weapon of these shoes is the Nike React technology. As the name implies, this system increases energy return by using responsive cushioning and foam in the footbed. At the same time, these shoes remain lightweight and well-balanced.

What’s more, the Tempo will lean you forward as you run. Thus, the runner has to pick up the pace and run faster than with ‘ordinary’ running shoes. Hence, many could feel as if they are cheating when wearing the Tempo and going for a run.

Should you buy them?

As you could see, Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next offers unmatched performances and plenty of exciting features. These running shoes are so light that you’ll forget you are wearing them, and they look fantastic as well. Admittedly, the Zoom series comes with a relatively high price tag. But if you are interested in breaking your records and improving your running speed, Tempo is the way to go.