You can get every kind of E-bike you’d like these days, whether it’s a cyclocross with a motor or a tricked-out fat bike. But few look as cool as the Scrambler S from the aptly-named Vintage Electric, which looks just like a vintage motorcycle – the kind Marlon Brando might have ridden in an old 50’s movie. Vintage Electric actually intends it more for off roading in the dirt, making it a sort of vintage electric dirt bike.

Built from sturdy hydroformed aluminum tubes, the Scrambler S features a 1123 watt-per-hour lithium battery, tied to a motor capable of a full 3000 watts of power – enough to power the 70-pound bike up to 36 MPH – far more than what most e-bikes are capable of. When in race mode – necessary to get the 36 mph – you’ll get about 40 miles of range out of a single charge. Street Mode limits the speed to 20 mph but increases distance up to a not-too-shabby 75 miles. Regenerative disc brakes help achieve that extended range. The drivetrain is single-speed, 36–15 T, and the wheels are knobby Schwalbe Black Jack with KevlarGuard to add an extra layer of defense on rough terrain.

Vintage Appeal decided to use an inverted fork, similar to the forks found on most modern motorcycles, that softens and dampens the ride on both dirt and asphalt. And its paired with modern controls on the handlebar, with a power display, thumb-activated throttle and 5 levels of pedal assist.

Throw in the classic styling and the round headlight up front and the Scrambler S has the complete vintage package. The question is, of course, whether or not it’s fair to actually call it an E-bike. At almost $7,000, it’s already into actual-dirtbike territory. But if you aren’t looking for the full weight and power a motorcycle gives you, this could be your ride.

Vintage Electric Scrambler S Fork Vintage-Electric-Scrambler-S-4 Vintage Electric Scrambler S Wheels Vintage Electric Scrambler S Engine Vintage Electric Scrambler S Engine-2