Electric bikes are all the rage these days, but they tend to lean more towards commuter road bikes than offroaders. Not the Neematic FR/1 – a hybrid meld between dirt bike and mountain bike, built for rough terrain and performance.

The FR/1 is powered by a 20kw brushless motor,  is capable of an astounding 62 MPH – and can travel up to 60 miles on a single charge of the 2.2 kw Lithium-Ion battery.  It’s also got a  lightweight mid-drive aluminium frame and hardcore off-road suspension for beastly off-road and on-trail performance. Fox shocks, DMR pedals, Pinion drive and Hope Tech3 V4 brakes complete the kit and give you fantastic control, comfort and stopping power.

Who’s it meant for? E-bike fans? Mountain biking fanatics? Dirt bike aficionados? Let’s say all of the above. This thing is capable of tackling any terrain a regular dirtbike or mountain bike can, and is sure to provide some serious thrills off the road.

Neematic – based in Lithuania – will be starting production in late 2017, but they’ll be launching their pre-order campaign very soon.