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Volkswagen EGolf: Everybody’s Favorite Hot Hatch Goes Electric

2017 VW EGolf Electric Hatch

It’s not that we have anything against gas engines, by any means, but if there’s any way to make an affordable, practical electric vehicle that drives just as well (and enjoyably) as its gas counterpart, our eyes are open. Volkswagen is listening, thankfully, and the 2017 version of their EGolf is starting to fulfill those criteria.

We say “starting” because, as you will soon find out, the range – while improved over the 2015 original – is still quite limited, at only 125 miles. That’s only about half of what the Tesla Model S can handle for example, but still an improvement over the EGolf’s original 83. This extended range is thanks to an improved lithium-ion battery pack that jumps from 24.2 kWh to 35.8. Horsepower goes up a bit too, from 115 to 134, and the torque increases to 214 lb-ft; this isn’t a weak car, by any means, and 0-60 is 9.6 seconds

But what’s the real reason anybody drives a Golf, anyway? The drive. The EGolf has the same stiff, solid body and excellent handling and dynamics as any other Golf – one of the original hot hatches, after all. The interior isn’t shabby at all, with all the features you could want in the three choices of trim (SE,  SEL Premium, and a Limited Edition), including a new 8.0-inch screen and 12.3-inch Digital Cockpit display. The exterior has all the usual trimmings, depending on which trim you choose, including faux exhaust holes (for an engine that doesn’t create any.

All in all, the EGolf is a worthy addition to the VW family. it is, essentially, a Golf with a battery shoved into it, and that’s exactly what most of us are looking for when it comes to electric cars.  It still doesn’t offer much in the way of range, and it may have a hard time competing with other offerings because of that. But there’s a reason people come coming back to the Golf, and if you want a premium, fun car that just so happens to be electric, it’s our pick.

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