While there is certainly no shortage of various ways to cook at the campsite out there, very few offer the kind of value this set of Yodo cookware does. With three pots, a large pan, 5 bowls, 3 plates a soup spoon and rice ladle, it’s ready to equip and entire family or group for a weekend in the outdoors. The cookware is all made of high-quality, anodized aluminum, relatively lightweight and coated with a non-stick surface to make cooking and cleaning super easy.

They’re perfect for cooking at the campsite, or even for cooking outside at home. Each piece of cookware has a folding handle, with temp-resistant plastic to withstand cooking over fires and high-heat. The bowls and plates are made from lightweight polypro, which don’t seem quite as nice as the aluminum cookware but super light and just fine for eating off. And the included soup spoon and rice ladle make cooking and serving big pots of soup easy.

The best part, of course, is how affordable this set is – you’ll be hard pressed to find as large and as high-quality a set for this price.  There are cheaper sets and there are nicer sets, but this is the best bang for your buck. The whole set of Yodo cookware weighs only 2.8 pounds, and includes a mesh bag for packing up neatly into your backpack. Grab a set and get out there for less.

Yodo-Cookware-Anodized-Aluminum-Pots-2 Yodo-Cookware-Anodized-Aluminum-Set Yodo-Cookware-Anodized-Aluminum-Pots-3