Electric bikes are getting more popular every day, as are fat bikes. So an electric fat bike only seems like a total necessity now. Surface 604 to the rescue with the Boar. This electric fat bike can tackle just about anything you throw its way, from mud to dirt to rugged trails, with it’s massive 26″ X 4.5″ Kenda Juggernaut Sport wheels, ready to crush anything in it’s path. (You know, as much as a bike can crush things).

It’s powered by a 750W brushless hub motor that assists you as pedal, propelling you faster with less energy spent. Top speed is 20mph and the battery will last for up to 35 miles on a single charge. Spend an extra $200 and you’ll get a larger battery with 40% more power stored in it, for extended range. Drivetrain is an SRAM X5 10-speed, and Tentro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes ensure you stop on time – every time, and give you excellent control rounding corners, etc.

The body is 6061 aluminum, and it features a rigid aluminum alloy fork with 15mm thru-axle. All together, the whole setup – frame, wheels, battery, etc – comes out to 57 pounds, which isn’t exactly light but right in the electric bike range.

Surface 604 also throws in a ton of other cool features that might come in handy, like a thumb-push activated throttle, and racks on both front and rear for stashing your gear.

And to top it off, Surface 604 decked the Boar out in a smooth camo paint job, Kryptek Highland Camo to be exact, created in partnership with outdoor brand Kryptech. So, if you’re using this fat bike to head out fishing or hunting or whatever, it will never look too out of place. There are also Black, White and Green versions out there, but not for 2018.

If you like the speed and convenience of an electric bike but would like to actually take it offroad – anywhere, really – every once in a while, the Surface 604 Boar will get the job done.

surface-604-bike-1 surface-604-boar-fat-bike-2