Want to take a dip in America’s deepest lake? How about sleeping on an active volcano? Well at Crater Lake National Park, you can do both. Located in the Cascade Mountains of Southern Oregon, Crater Lake was formed by the collapsed volcano, Mount Mazama. It’s one of the bluest, clearest and cleanest and definitely most beautiful lakes in the country, fed entirely by rain and snow.

For camping, you have three options: Mazama Campground, Lost Creek Campground and backcountry camping. Mazama and Lost Creek are only open May through October. Backcountry camping requires a permit (free of charge), but you can do so year-round, provided you’re equipped for the weather in winter (it can be quite treacherous, and the rules are different).

Besides camping, the lake is surrounded by thousands of acres of mountains and pine forests, meaning you have absolutely endless opportunities for hiking, running, and biking. There are paved trails for easy cycling, and seemingly endless vistas to take in.



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