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Load E-Cargo Electric Bike by Riese and Muller – The New Family MiniVan

Load E-Cargo Electric Bike by Riese and Muller

Grab your electric bike, add the children, load your cargo, and hit the road. The Load E-Cargo Bike by Riese and Muller is the new era of bikes.The revolution begins in the crowded streets of the city bustling with commuter traffic. The engineering and design takes you effortlessly, and usually faster than a car, to your destination. Even as you set off, you’ll be surprised by its sportiness, even despite all your luggage. The low center of gravity and rigid trellis frame make it astonishingly manageable. You can fully customize your bike with the numerous accessories available, ensuring every transport task can be accomplished. Thanks to the adjustable seat position and the angle and height-adjustable stem, multiple riders can use the bike with ease. So all that remains is for us to say: dear car, it’s great staying in the garage.

Features of the Load E-Cargo Electric Bike

  • Full Suspension: The full suspension keeps ground contact on poor roads so you maintain full control. The active rear swing arm, optimized front wheel suspension and co-sprung carrier form the core of the Control Technology. Vibrations and hard knocks like those experienced on cobbles or curbs are significantly diminished. Luggage is also protected on the sprung loading surface and optional, rigid-frame and therefore sprung carrier.
  • Add a Motor and Battery: Depending on the model, you are assisted by either the Bosch Performance Cruise motor up to 25 km/h or the Performance Speed motor on the HS versions up to as high as 45 km/h. But if it’s not so much speed as high torque you’re after, then you should be tempted by a model with Performance CX motor, providing pedal assistance of up to 300%. And even when walking, your E-Bike helps you out with its pushing aid.
  • Adjustable Seat for Comfort: Thanks to the angle- and height-adjustable stem (only height-adjustable on the Load light), the seat position on the Load can be adjusted to accommodate body heights from 1.50 m to 1.95 m and adapted to comfort preferences from sporty to comfortable. This means that it can be used by multiple users with different standards.

Perfect to fully customize to your needs. Just leave the car in your garage. This is the new “mom minivan.”

USA retailers available.

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