Rhone Clothing Beginnings

The famous 19th Century Architect Daniel Burnham once wrote, “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized.” 

When Rhone was started, the founders had grand visions for the future in comfort clothing. Now the day-to-day is spent keeping things running smoothly, those future dreams continue to play in the theater of dreams as the founders strive to build a brand that matters. 

Initially, Rhone was born out of movement.

Every day there were brief moments where the guys found themselves in need of clothing that wouldn’t hold us back. Whether running down a train, jumping over a puddle on the sidewalk, or just wrestling with the kids after work, they were always on the move. However, the clothing couldn’t keep up. So, they felt they needed another option. 

The guys made it their mission to build clothing that was technical enough to tackle intense workouts, sophisticated enough to thrive in any setting, and comfortable enough to live in. 

The incredible product team sources the world’s finest fabrics, advances innovations in materials science, and ensures the highest quality construction. This results in  clothing that brings together a seamless integration of fit, form, and function.

Rhone is clothing that can keep up with your active lifestyle and help you move Forever Forward.

Rhone’s aim is to outfit men who give their all to make those small but meaningful improvements to their everyday lives. Of course, clothing can’t accomplish your goals, but it can make the journey a little bit easier. That’s what Rhone is all about–the passionate pursuit of progress.

The Rhone name was inspired by the Rhone river in Europe as it was not only aesthetically beautiful but was also once a valued trade route. That’s exactly how Rhone approaches the products. They begin with the world’s finest fabrics, pair them with cutting edge textile technology, and finish with an unmatched fit and style to create clothing that satisfies both form and function.


The Commuter Pant Collection. The land-mark product, the Commuter Pant, arrived in 2015 and shortly thereafter set the standard for work-ready, active pants that kept up with the demands of Weekday Warriors everywhere. They are the superhero version of your everyday work chinos that combine stretch, lightweight breathability, and incredible versatility into one complete pair of pants. They look like khakis but feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before. If you have to wear pants to work, do yourself a favor and wear these pants. 

The Commuter Dress Shirt. A new addition in 2019, the Commuter Dress Shirt,Rhone Clothing 2 had to be perfect because its namesake was held in such a high regard. Presenting the modern man with a brand-new option for workday wear, the Commuter Dress Shirt is made from a mind-blowingly luxurious Italian fabric that is made with over 10,000 needle points. So what does that do for you? Everything. It’s incredibly soft, provides the perfect amount of stretch without sheen, and it never needs to be dry-cleaned. Game. Changed.

The Reign – As far as active shirts go, there were Rhone Clothing 2two relatively terrible options. A nice, soft cotton based shirt that soaks up sweat like a sponge and thus gets increasingly wet, heavy and gross by the end of a training session. Or a shiny, space-age synthetic that wicks sweat sure, but also can lead to irritation, chaffing and other unpleasantries. The Reign was developed over the course of three years to be the softest training shirt around, while still wicking sweat like a champ and drying in a snap. Added anti-odor treatments mean this shirt outlasts and outperforms anything you throw at it.

The Swift – No man is an island, right? Well the same goes for fitness. You don’t want to be strapped down to one routine, and so naturally you mix it up. Running?Rhone Clothing 4 Sure. Spin class? Got it. Weight training? Obviously. The Swift is the Swiss-army of shorts, providing a one stop solution to a ton of training possibilities. It’s soft, supportive liner keeps everything where it should be and the lightweight design will never stand in your way. Perforated venting maximizes airflow in those zones where you tend to run hot so you can keep on running. 

You have many options for high-quality men’s and women’s clothing. Rhone should be added to your collection.

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