Step it up and fidget like a boss. The new Bastion Gear INFINITY CUBE EDC Fidget Spinner isn’t a toy. It is a serious concentration device.  Yes, fidget “toys” seem to be a craze. However, there is scientific proof that fidgeting does improve concentration. The cube is a bit classier than those in the junior high classrooms.

Features of the INFINITY CUBE EDC Fidget Spinner

  • Proven to increase focus
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Made of premium materials
    • CNC machined Anodized Aluminum
    • G-10 Fiber links
    • Brass Pins
  • Precisely machined and assembled to form an overall size of 40mm cubed
  • When laid flat, the cube is only 20mm thick, no thicker than your wallet. It can fit easily into your pocket.
  • Each side is a solid, smooth surface for comfortable fidgeting.
  • Available in silver anodized aluminum, or black anodized aluminum.
Buy - $65.00
Infinity Cube With Knife Infinity Cube With Keyboard Infinity Cube With Keyboard Infinity Cube With Book Infinity Cube With Coffee Infinity Cube in Black Infinity Cube With Pen Infinity Cube in Hand