Corona isn’t exactly known for their wide variety of brews. No, they’re pretty well known for their signature beer, a trusty brew perfect for beach parties and that essentially defines summer time. This year, however, they’ve decided to try something new and put out their first beer in almost 3 decades – the Corona Premier, a light beer created to capture Corona’s signature, beachy, Mexican flavor while staying low-carb; compared to regular Corona’s 13 grams, Corona Premier boasts only 2.6 g of carbs per 12 oz. bottle or can, with only 90 calories.

While this is a low-carb beer, Corona wants you to know it’s not low on taste. They emphasize that less is more, and that you’re not giving anything up, but gaining a healthier.

We’re cool either way. We like new beer, and as long as it has that classic Corona taste we’ve come to love – the taste of summer – we’ll grab a six-pack or two. Corona likes to talk about Saber Vivir, the “carefree state of mind” that their beer is best enjoyed in. And you’re sure to get plenty of that with a bottle of Corona Premier. Try some for yourself this summer.

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