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Hyperkin SmartBoy: Turn Your Smartphone into an Old-School Game Boy

Hyperkin SmartBoy with phone

What’s with today’s trends? Nostalgia has taken over. Websites are now going back to the early internet look; the first generation games are becoming a hit. Could it be those first generation gamers are now driving the gaming industry? The Hyperkin SmartBoy is the newest throw-back product release. How cool is this?

Do you have those original Game Boy cartridges lying around collecting dust? The Smartboy will enable you to resurrect that gaming experience. The SmartBoy Development Kit attaches to Android (and what about iPhones??) smartphones, turning the phone into a handheld gaming device. Just insert those Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges.

The SmartBoy will be of interest to two groups: The Gamer End User and the Gamer Developer. For gamer end users, just plug in your cartridges and get to playing. For the more technical developers, a developer’s kit means you can help refine the open source software and create an even better SmartBoy. If you can make significant improvements to the SmartBoy’s firmware, you may be rewarded with sweet, sweet royalty cash. So you talented developers, here’s a great secondary income.

Features of the HyperKin SmartBoy

  • Open source serial app and firmware
  • Compatible with GB,GBC and GBA* cartridges
  • Classic handheld-style tactile button set
  • Designed for Android smartphones
  • Double-sided micro USB port

Specs for Developers

  • Atmel 90USB646
  • NTSC/PAL cart compatible
  • Phone Size: 5in-6in
  • SmartBoy Serial App Access for Mounting and Controller mapping
  • 4.4.4 Android KitKat OTG minimum OS requirement**
  • For any other questions regarding development please contact developer@hyperkin.com

So get out those cartridges and float back to the 80s!


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