What’s to like about the Onyx Motorbikes RCR electric bike:

  • Vintage-inspired design
  • A sturdy steel tube chassis
  • Three running modes
  • Long-lasting, removable battery (41AH)
  • High-performing, low-noise motor
  • An intuitive LED display
  • 2-year warranty

Are you looking for a gas-saving, eco-friendly solution for the weekday commute and neighborhood cruise? Moreover, are you tired of futuristic-looking e-bikes and scooters that lack the charm to illustrate what you’re all about?

If that’s the case, the cool-looking Onyx Motorbikes RCR electric bike could be right up your alley. It’s got the looks, but it also offers impressive performance in an urban and off-road setting.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s see.


Before focusing on the actual bike, we should say a few words about the brand for those unfamiliar with Onyx Motorbikes. After all, this California-based company stepped onto the scene in the summer of 2018, making it a relatively recent addition to the American e-bike scene.

As we all know, electric-powered vehicles are having their moment, and Onyx Motorbikes quickly gained a massive following. In addition, this LA company hand-builds its bikes, ensuring top-quality and making each model a masterpiece.


The RCR model from Onyx aims to become the ultimate commuter bike, but the competition in the e-bike world has never been more challenging. Electric bikes of various shapes and sizes are on the menu, making it tricky to choose the ideal model.

So, to help with the process here’s a quick guide revealing everything you need to know about e-bikes before purchasing one in 2022.


The first aspect you should consider would be class/type, given that e-bikes can have pedals or only an electric motor. In addition, the ‘hybrid’ model combines these two methods and reaches speeds up to 28mph. Therefore, do your homework and learn which type of electric bike would suit your riding habits and preferences.


As the name suggests, e-bikes harness electric energy from removable, wire-free power sources. In most cases, we are talking about high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that keep the wheels of your two-wheeled steed spinning for hours. Battery capacity determines the range, so don’t skimp on this element if you plan to conquer longer distances with your new e-bike.


Convincing your grandpa that modern products can be durable is probably mission impossible, but you shouldn’t stop trying. Nor should you stop looking for high-quality construction, artisan craftsmanship, and innovative technologies in your new electric bike. No one wants to drive finicky bikes with parts falling off as you hit the first pothole.


Finally, we must mention the price-to-value ratio because high-end e-bikes can be expensive. So, don’t splash the cash before comparing several models to separate the best electric bikes from the rest. Plus, e-bikes are a long-term investment, so consider the savings on gas expenses.


With the RCR e-bike, you’ll say goodbye to thinking about miles-per-gallon and focus on paying for your commute with smiles-per-mile. Onyx Motorbikes combined retro looks with modern technologies to create an old-school moped with a zippy, urban-friendly attitude.

The elements that capture everyone’s attention are the wood covering the battery, bright halo daylight, and 17-inch wheels. On the other hand, the price of around $5,600 might deter some potential owners.

Overall, the Onyx Motorbikes RCR e-bike looks like a safe bet for urban riders looking to stand out in the crowd while traveling from point A to point B without hassle and engine noise. If you opt for an off-road kit provided by Onyx, the RCR model will quickly transform into a dirt-loving, trail-riding electric beast.


We mentioned that the RCR series from Onyx Motorbikes draws inspiration from Tomos mopeds and classic city-friendly motorcycles. Therefore, the RCR e-bike features a hipster-like aesthetic with a retro feel. It looks compact, but taller riders will find a pleasant seating position without problems.

At the same time, this unique-looking electric moped has a reliable steel chassis with 145 pounds of total weight. The grippy 2.75×17-inch tires add to the rugged looks while making Onyx Motorbikes RCR e-bike ready for any terrain and weather.


While talking about reliability, we should mention that Onyx opted for 220mm disc brakes on the front and a 220mm hydraulic single-piston caliper on the back. As expected from a modern e-bike, the rear wheel also has a regenerative braking system to extend the range and put the power back into the rechargeable battery.

Onyx Motorbikes RCR Standard e-bike comes with a 72V (41AH) lithium-ion battery and a 7.24 hp motor. The claimed peak torque of 193 Nm is also a praiseworthy metric, useful for efficient maneuvering through city streets and off-road areas.


As you turn the key in the ignition, the bright LCD dash will come to life and display the most relevant information, including battery capacity, time, speed, and the riding mode. The commands beneath the handlebar are within reach, allowing for easy adjustments during full speed.

Regarding riding modes and velocity, we should add that Onyx Motorbikes RCR has three settings: ECO, NORM, and SPRT. Their names are self-explanatory, with each operating mode draining the battery differently, affecting the range.

So, your RCR e-bike could run between 20 and 100 miles, depending on the mode. More importantly, this nimble e-bike reaches 60 mph in under six seconds. Quick acceleration and whisper-quite motors are the new normal, so get used to it.


Even though the pedal-assisted Onyx Motorbikes RCR e-bike currently sits in the gray legal area in many US states, this classification-defying vehicle could be the perfect toy for commuters and bike-lovers.

It might come at a higher price than most electric bikes, but RCR, with its 72V motor, will handle anything you throw at it. Crucially, it will provide an entertaining ride as you zip around on this hand-built American product.